Homelessness is a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted approach with no singular answer that will magically solve the issue overnight.

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Ask Bill Evans why any voter sick and tired of the anti-business arrogance of Anchorage’s city fathers should vote for him and he’ll say it’s because he’s the only candidate in the mayor’s race who can beat Forrest Dunbar in a runoff.


U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) issued the following statement regarding the upcoming meeting of Congress to formally count the votes of the Electoral College and certify the 2020 presidential election:


Many (though not nearly all) of my friends on the Republican side of the bipartisan aisle are utterly convinced that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged" to produce a fake victory for Joe Biden -- that Donald Trump actually won, and had his victory stolen via a vast conspiracy to manu…

A great many issues are competing for President-elect Biden's attention, and the combination of a surging pandemic and a struggling economy must be at the top of his priority list. But right behind those pressing problems should be an overhaul of the U.S. immigration system.

There are basically three American institutions preventing a far-right uprising to install Boss Trump as president-for-life. You know, like Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un. They are the U.S. military, state and federal courts, and most important, local election officials -- many Republicans --…

President Trump's specious claim that Joe Biden won the presidency through massive voter fraud has been shot down in multiple federal courts across the country.

I'm neither heartbroken nor surprised that President Kushner didn't get a second term. The good news is, Republicans are finally talking about vote fraud!

President-elect Joe Biden named his national security team last week. Antony Blinken will be nominated for secretary of state; Jake Sullivan for national security adviser; Avril Haines for director of national intelligence; and Alejandro Mayorkas for secretary of homeland security. All but S…


Alaska’s November general election delivered some surprises in legislative elections, and once again there is an almost evenly split state House and a state Senate grappling with deep divisions in a Republican majority.

Independent Alyse Galvin conceded the race for Alaska’s House seat. 

Today, Dr. Al Gross conceded the race for Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat. The campaign anticipates that the final count will show a closer race than the current, incomplete count.“I’m incredibly proud of the campaign we ran,” said. Dr. Al Gross. “We were the underdogs from the start, but we ran a…


In the wake of a tumultuous election season, now is a good time to seek a model of political goodwill that has been sorely missing from our state since Governor Dunleavy took office two years ago. It’s amazing how extreme partisanship has infected the most recent round of campaigning, giving…


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Voters approved a series of statewide ballot proposals on Election Day legalizing the use and distribution of marijuana for either medical or adult-use purposes.

If, when all the votes are counted, Joe Biden wins the election, he will face a deeply divided country, a Senate in Republican hands, and fierce demands from a fractious party -- one that united behind him to defeat Donald Trump, but would press competing priorities on the new president.

This may be the strangest election in history in that there is no evidence that any sizable group of people want Biden for president.

Of all the Twitter attacks on President Trump -- and there are thousands every day -- one stood out on election eve. It was a photo of a woman sitting with the president in the Oval Office. It read: "Trump leaned in and said, 'You know it's I who released you, don't you? I succeeded and Obam…

Through his entire life, Donald Trump has been a SLAPP master. What is SLAPP, you ask? Good question. It stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation." For our purposes, it means frivolous legal action, usually by someone with deep pockets, designed to use the court system to i…

Pending the outcome in a few key states, Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, but he's not exiting the room. The fiercest Never Trump critics hoped for -- and wishfully predicted -- a cleansing landslide that would wipe out every trace of Trump and his enablers from the GOP. That's n…


For the last several weeks, a coalition of Alaskan organizations successfully organized statewide Election Protection programs to support generating historic voter turnout in our communities. This investment by the Alaska Civic Engagement State (AKCES) Table made Alaska the 40th state in the…

This column assumes that Joe Biden has won the 2020 US presidential election. While that SEEMS like a safe assumption -- it would take successful legal challenges in several states to change the outcome -- it IS an assumption. I could be writing for naught.

The conventional wisdom of the last hundred years or so: The US government can and should decide what we may eat, drink, smoke, inject, or otherwise ingest. It can and should kidnap and cage us if we disobey, and if its restrictions kill us with adulterated or unduly strong black market prod…


28-year-old New Yorker and music theater buff David Keith was enjoying a whirlwind tour of shows in London in the summer of 2019 when the call came from a doctor in Alaska who had eyes on challenging an incumbent Republican for a U.S. Senate seat.


Soon after the presidential race is decided it will be imperative for the U.S. to hold a series of town hall conversations; one must be about rejecting patriarchy. Male domination continues to play too big a role in aggravating the divide that afflicts us. 


Alaska’s native communities and voting rights advocates scored a legal victory last week that makes it easier to vote — for the 2020 general election, at least.

Alaska Civic Engagement State Table provides accessibility and protection for voters through 866-OUR-VOTE platform

The Municipality of Anchorage’s (MOA) Public Transportation Department (PTD) is offering free bus rides on People Mover and AnchorRIDES to everyone on election day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The PTD is among transit agencies from across the country that are providing free public transit to …

If Boss Trump is headed for defeat, he's getting his revenge early. His revenge upon his deluded supporters and the people they love, that is. Trump's reelection campaign now consists mainly of what epidemiologists call "super-spreader" events: large-scale rallies of unmasked, non-socially d…

The Trumpsters are hanging on to threads of hope that somehow, some way, they will pull off a November surprise and win re-election for the big guy. And Joe Biden, try as he might to avoid his usual goofiness -- make that his gaffe-iness -- has unraveled one of those verbal threads that Dona…

Joe Biden wants to take one of the great American success stories of the past several decades and drive it into the ground. He would turn his back on the stupendous wealth represented by proven reserves of oil and gas in this country. Rather than focusing on producing cheap, abundant energy …


When future historians write about Donald Trump's presidency, they will surely conclude that he was one of the most incompetent chief executives we've ever had.

In the classic movie “Citizen Kane,” a ruthless newspaper tycoon runs for high political office.  In advance, his publishing chain prepares two possible alternative headlines for the morning after the election.  One crows: “Kane Wins.”  But if that won’t work, the other says: “Fraud at the Polls.”


Gaslighting is manipulating someone into not believing what they know to be true.  It is the most accurate word possible for the Texas-funded campaign against Ballot Measure 1 (the Fair Share Act).  The oil companies took away Alaskans’ fair share of our oil when they created Senate Bill 21 …


“When they go low, we go high.” doesn’t mean we should just hide when the mud starts flying. It means we stand up for our principals, wipe our faces, and keep speaking out. The Alaska Democratic Party, in the face of the biggest threat to the future of democratic candidates in Alaska decided…


As impossible as it seems, Election Day is finally upon us.


It sounds arcane and complicated – “Ranked Choice Voting” – but it’s really pretty simple. That’s what its proponents say of Ballot Measure 2, which will appear on the Nov. 3 state election ballot.


Susan Carney has served on the Alaska Supreme Court for just four years. But during that brief time, she has handed down two controversial rulings that should concern all Alaskans who care about our state’s shocking rates of sexual assault and domestic violence.


The right-wing men of the cloth attacking the independent judiciary in Alaska claim their campaign against Supreme Court Justice Sue Carney has nothing to do with her “character or qualifications.”

Yes, everyone's caught up in the question of who will win the presidential election next week. Yes, everyone wants to know whether the Democrats will seize control of the US Senate. But those are "horse race" questions, and none of the likely outcomes are, in themselves, likely to result in …


The gang of men who are organizing the political assault on Justice Carney remind me of the Taliban.  The Taliban will drag a person into the street to publicly punish and humiliate him or her. The goal of this punishment is to provide a lesson in power to all observers: conform or else!  

It has been eight years – spanning three governors and four legislatures – since Alaska has balanced its budget:  FY14, and FY15 (Parnell); FY16, FY17, FY18 and FY19 (Walker); FY20 and FY21 (Dunleavy).  Over those eight years we have drawn over $16 billion from our savings to cover shortfalls.

I want Alaskans to know about the kind of people I've had the pleasure of working with over the last year and a half as our little group of Alaskans worked to give you the opportunity to vote on whether or not we receive a Fair Share of Alaska's oil- with Ballot Measure One.


It's no secret that Alaska pays its bills with oil money. When oil prices dip, as they have in the past few years, it puts us in a financial bind. So unless we start printing our own money, there are only a few options left to us to close the yawning fiscal gap. We can do more budget cuts, d…


Last week, child actor-turned Bitcoin billionaire-turned presidential candidate Brock Pierce flew into Alaska on his private jet, promoting his candidacy, and more importantly in the present, his ideas for fixing our broken country.

The chart below is from a report published last March by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. https://www.dallasfed.org/research/economics/2020/0326.aspx

Alaskans have big decisions to make at the polls this year. The last four years, and this one in particular, have given us a lot to think about. Regardless of our politics, we should all be taking a pause to ask, “What do we want the future of Alaska to be?” It is an important question; now …