Hot Box Hero

Allen Ginnett

In a time when all there is to do is smoke, I look out the window and see the sun setting under the bare trees. Snow is melting as the mountains blended in with the skyline. I am inside. Quarantine is what they are calling it.

My weed intake has gone up since the virus stopped the rotation of the planet. Luckily, I was already an isolated hermit, depressed and longing for the world to end, so I was prepared. Some people actually had some good stuff going for them before this “thing” brought it to a halt. I do, too. I can now kick back and collect unemployment while smoking and being creative. This is the life of the Hot Box Hero.

Sonia Rosa plays as I spark a small joint. Time stands still. I meditate and let go.

I reminiscence on days when I went outside and actively did things — basketball, baseball, biking, hiking — now I just sit and watch the kids play hockey at the neighborhood ice rink out my window.

How does someone age as an everyday smoker? Not very well, but there are some perks. It’s easy to relax. Since hunkering down, my dispensary trips are going up, as has my daily intake. And with that, also my contact with other people. Budtenders are putting their health at risk everyday just so smokers like me don’t freak the fuck out. Life is boring, I guess; it’s kind of a sad deal.

As I sit here and ponder my future, I feel as if I have to embrace weed. It’s one of the few good things I have left.

Like glue, I love strains with the word, “glue,” in them. GG#4, Super Glue, Gorilla, Blue, Royal Gorilla, you name it, I fucks with the strains that got gorilla and glue in their name. Green Go as been coming with some amazing flavors lately that has been excited about cultivation in Alaska. GMO (Garlic, Mushroom, Onion) and Garlic Platinum and some of the best strains I’ve smoked in our state.

Everyday for me is a routine. I smoke, eat, make a beat, burn-out, nap and do it all over again. I’m still trying to kick my Swisher habit, but tobacco has its hold on my soul. I buy joints from the store just to try and give my lungs a break; it’s that real.

In conclusion: first a motherfucker BURNT, than a motherfucker TOAST. Do whatever you want, have fun and be happy.

Rest in Peace, Big Wave Dave.

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