Quintillion Networks today announced its offer to immediately increase bandwidth capacity available to providers serving northern Alaska communities to support usage increases resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement comes following North Slope Borough and Northwest Arctic Borough emergency declarations in response to the novel coronavirus.

Region-wide Hunker Down orders have significantly increased internet usage, and additional capacity during the immediate crises helps alleviate user limitations.

“Schools are closed, businesses are shuttered and people are in a work/stay at home situation in a way that has never happened in our lifetime. Consumers and businesses are relying more heavily than ever on broadband internet accessibility for important health updates, distance learning, telemedicine, home entertainment and other daily needs. Perhaps nowhere in our country is this a more critical reality than in Alaska’s rural communities where access to basic goods is extremely limited to begin with and real-time information is crucial for community planning purposes,” said Quintillion CEO George Tronsrue III. “We are working with our customers to support data needs for the health and well-being of Alaska’s residents and businesses during this crisis. This is our way of stepping up and making a difference in the lives and communities we serve when they need it most.”

Quintillion has offered to increase bandwidth capacity on its fiber network during COVID-19 at no incremental cost to retail partners such as ASTAC, Alaska Communications (ACS) and TelAlaska, who service northern Alaska customers. Communities benefitting from capacity increases include Utqiaġvik, Point Hope, Wainwright, Nome, Kotzebue, Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse, as well as oil and gas infield locations.

“Quintillion built its Arctic fiber network specifically to bring high-speed broadband to these communities for the very first time. In this difficult time when they’re needed more than ever, we want to make sure they’re readily accessible.”

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