Officials announced this week that Northway Mall will close next month. Rep. Geran Tarr and Sen. Tom Begich recently co-signed a letter to Carrs, the anchor tenant of Northway Mall, asking about the company’s plans to address the needs of Alaskans living nearby without vehicles or reasonable access to other grocery outlets.

“This a big loss for our area including the recent announcement that the Northway Mall Carrs is closing next month.” said Rep. Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage). “I remain concerned about the loss of a grocery store and the area becoming a food desert for the many nearby residents that have limited transportation options. The Carrs closure also includes the loss of a bank and pharmacy. Having all of these important services in one location is good for families and Seniors. I will continue working with municipal and business leaders to explore new options to bring these needed services to our neighborhoods.”

The letter outlines that there are numerous high-density housing developments in the area, with many of the people living there having lower incomes and no automobiles and depending on Carrs for their access to groceries. Representative Tarr and Senator Begich conclude the letter by asking to collaborate with Carrs on alternatives to help those with limited food options.

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