The Mat-Su Borough School District announced the first student that has tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday.

The district sent out a mass notification to parents at Machetanz Elementary through their Blackboard notification system that a third grader had tested positive at Machetanz Elementary and parents may pick up their children early through coordinated dismissal.

“The student who tested positive is in third grade, did not attend school today, and did not ride district school buses. The district is also not aware of any other contacts at other schools. Additional precautions are being taken at Machetanz Elementary to limit mixing of students for the remainder of the day, following the school’s mitigation plan,” district officials said in a press release.

Machetanz remains open to in-person instruction on Thursday while parents have the option of picking up their student or students early, but will close to students on Friday. Machetanz will reopen doors to in-person instruction on Monday. During the brief closure, all classes will be conducted via at-home learning and the school will undergo disinfecting procedures.

“They were notified as soon as we were able and had the information,” said MSBSD Public Information Officer Jillian Morrissey. “We sent out an email, Dr. Trani also did an automatic call to all of the families at Machetanz as well. They also received a text message alerting them that there was important info in their email inbox.”

Mat-Su Public Health has begun contact tracing efforts and students that are determined to have been within a six-foot radius for more than 15 minutes will be notified by a school nurse within the next two days. Machetanz students will be able to receive “grab and go” meals at Colony High School from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

This is a developing story. Continue to see for more. 

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