In a press conference on Friday, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced his COVID-19 economic relief plan.

First on his list was a request of the state legislature to release the other half of the 2019 Permanent Fund Dividend that he had advocated for with the legislature — a battle that he ultimately lost.

"I call on the legislature to immediately release the remaining $1,306 of the 2019 PFD owed to every Alaskan," Dunleavy said. "That's the first step and it's the quickest way to get money in the hands of all Alaskans. This can be done very quickly. We can get the PFDs out in April."

In other measures of his plan, Dunleavy said he has worked out a plan for small businesses to get bridge loans from local banks.

"This is for businesses and Alaska workers while they're waiting for assistance from the Small Business Association," Dunleavy said. "The interest on those loans will be an SBA match and the state will 100 percent guarantee these loans to ensure our lenders are not at risk."

Dunleavy also announced the launch of a $1 billion disaster relief plan and an executive order protecting more than 13,000 Alaskans with rental assistance.

"There will be no evictions carried out against these individuals for at least 60 days," Dunleavy said, adding that foreclosures were being halted too.

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