The Anchorage Health Department (AHD) has identified one new exposure location that warrants public notification:

  • Brother Francis Shelter -- Exposure date: August 16, 2020 to present

The location has been updated on the CONFIRMED COVID-19 EXPOSURE LOCATIONS webpage (, which includes instructions for those who were present during the exposure period.

The location has been notified of the exposure date and about being added to the Confirmed COVID-19 Exposure Locations webpage. If there are no associated cases identified at the location for 10 days after the last exposure date, the location will be removed from the list.

Anyone in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 is at increased risk of becoming infected and infecting others. Contact tracing helps prevent further transmission by quickly identifying and informing people who may be infected so they can take steps to not infect others.

An exposure location rises to the level of a public notification when a person with COVID-19 spends more than 15 minutes, while infectious in an indoor space, in which:

  • More than 10 people other than household members were present;
  • Physical distancing and wearing of face coverings were not or could not be universally followed; and
  • All people at the location cannot be identified or contacted because:
    • the location did not maintain a log of everyone present during the exposure period
    • the location log is illegible or incomplete
    • the person with COVID-19 is unable or unwilling to identify close contacts.

            – Or –

  • If AHD lacks capacity to conduct the contact tracing in a timely manner.

When an exposure location of concern is identified, AHD:

  • Calls the location and notifies them of the date(s) the exposure occurred.
  • Informs the location that they will receive a letter with CDC sanitization instructions and an “exposure notice” sign. The sign must be displayed in a visible area.
  • Asks the location if a log of the names and phone numbers of everyone present during the exposure period was maintained. If a log was maintained, AHD requests a copy to assist with contact tracing.
    • If a complete and legible log was maintained that does not exceed contact tracing capacity, a public exposure notification may not be required. 
  • Informs the location whether a public exposure notification will be posted to reach all exposed customers at risk of infection.

AHD lists locations where it is unable to contact all persons who likely came into close contact with an infectious person, or if AHD lacks capacity to conduct the contact tracing in a timely manner. COVID-19 exposures can happen even when a location follows all recommended guidelines.

In addition to the location listed above, AHD is aware of cases associated with a variety of businesses, agencies, and organizations. If a location meets the criteria outlined above, AHD will release a public exposure notice. 

Anchorage residents are encouraged to keep 6 feet from non-household members, wear a face covering in public settings, wash your hands often, avoid indoor gatherings, and keep your social bubble small. Anyone who feels even mildly ill is encouraged to get tested. If you test positive, please contact your own close contacts if you can, to minimize the time those people might be out in the community, potentially exposing others.

For more information, call 2-1-1 or visit

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