Dave Bronson

Dave Bronson

The Bronson for Mayor campaign has further amended its APOC filings ahead of an APOC staff report due later this month.

An amendment to a Seven Day Report filed June 3, 2021, notes that the campaign was amending its report to “update debt and expense data provided.”

The newly amended report now reflects two previously unreported debts; one to WPAi for a run-off counts memo, a poll survey question, and Alaska mayor off the shelf model, and a second now reflects a debt to i360 for predictive dialer minutes and a gigaplan subscription, which the campaign lists as an estimate.

On its amended 30 Day Report from June 2, 2021:

Debt to Hackney & Hackney increased from $95,000.00 to 150,000.00 while the balance owed dropped from $76,750.00 to $67,250.00.

Debt to the Remington Research Group increased from $5,000.00 to $5,500.00 as did the balance owed.

An amendment to the Bronson campaign’s 7 Day Runoff Report now shows closing cash on hand of $7,679.69 versus $576.90 reported on the May 11, 2021, Report.

Out of Bronson’s APOC filings, there are 4 major reports; and a whopping 13 amendments solely related to those 4 major reports have been filed to date.

APOC will be issuing a staff report later this month in response to a complaint filed by the Dunbar campaign in April, which alleged the Bronson campaign had engaged in sloppy and inaccurate accounting, deliberate obfuscation of campaign activity, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions.

In April, Paula DeLaiarro, the Dunbar campaign Treasurer, who has filed compliant APOC reports for 40 campaigns over 5 election cycles, had this to say about Bronson’s APOC issues:

“In all my years reviewing APOC reports, I have never seen a candidate campaign at this level with this volume nor this frequency of violations and obfuscated data. Bronson’s approach to his campaign finances indicates either a gross fiscal incompetence or a willful disregard for the law and an intent to deceive the public. But my biggest concern is that the issues we have cited are just the tip of the iceberg. I am worried that there is an enormous amount of illegal dark money activity happening below the surface that we cannot see.”

APOC’s staff report is due on June 21, 2021. If it chooses to respond, Bronson for Mayor’s response is due on July 1, 2021, the day Anchorage Mayor-Elect Bronson becomes mayor.

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