Former President Donald Trump rallied the troops in Anchorage this weekend in support of Republican candidates Kelly Tshibaka and Sarah Palin in an event that was pretty much what you’d expect for a Trump rally in 2022. There were election conspiracy theories, conservative grievance, demonization of the Other, plenty of flag waving and a guest appearance from the My Pillow Guy. Hopefully you spent the day doing literally anything else.

Far away were any of the recent revelations that Trump had a more active and knowing role in the January 6 insurrection than previously thought, replaced with the ongoing fantasy that Trump lost the 2020 election because of a complex conspiracy rather than, well, it being Trump and the first four years of his presidency on the ballot. His positions aren’t broken, it’s the system! That was certainly the theme of the day as Trump joined Tshibaka and Palin bashing the elites and sowing seeds of distrust about the voter-approved Ballot Measure 2. It’ll be the system that beats them, they argued, and not anything to do with their extreme positions.

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