Maria Athens Redemption

Documents published online Friday afternoon reveal the legal timeline underpinning the scandal that caught national attention in October and which effectively ended the public careers of both television reporter Maria Athens and Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. All information has been gleaned from public court documents. Ms. Athens is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

October 5: Athens is arrested after allegedly hitting a light pole on Tudor Road just east of C Street. The driver, identified as Athens, is described as “totally incomprehensible”. Athens is transported by ambulance to the ER. Anchorage Police arrive and secure a warrant for a blood draw. Lab work returned on November 2nd shows a blood alcohol content of .301, nearly four times the legal limit. APD notes that Athens has two prior arrests for DUI; a closed case in Anchorage from 2017 and an open case in Las Vegas from April of this year.

October 9: Athens records the now-infamous news teaser video. A short time later, Athens is arrested after allegedly attacking Scott Centers, her fiance as well as COO at Alaska ABC. Following a domestic dispute, Centers told police he trespassed Athens from the building. Athens entered the building later and, according to Centers and employee Kyle Kosinski, attacked Centers. While conducting interviews with the involved parties, responding Officer Kahl tries to guide Athens away from the building. Athens allegedly punches the officer in his vest. Athens is handcuffed and placed into an APD vehicle. Athens allegedly kicks the windows of the vehicle and is placed into full restraints.

October 11: Athens is released with conditions to report to Pretrial Enforcement Division offices on Monday, October 12.

October 12: Athens reports to PED, is instructed to report again on November 10.

November 10: Athens fails to appear.

November 19: Athens is involuntarily committed to the Wildwood Pretrial facility in Kenai for a "non-criminal hold."

November 24: Soldotna Police contact a “PO Wilson” at Anchorage PED to report that Athens is in a hotel and causing a disturbance.

November 25: Athens is charged with a new misdemeanor for failing to adhere to conditions of release.

November 29: Athens posts a series of tweets accusing several local journalists of slander. Athens posts side by side photos of herself and Berkowitz, using hashtags #OnTheRun and #TellAllTuesday.

November 30: Athens’ attorney of record, Mechelle Nesbett, withdraws as counsel, citing a deterioration in communication to the point where Nesbett can no longer represent Athens. Nesbett states that Athens likely qualifies for a public defender. Later that day, Athens tweets a photo of herself outside the KYUR/KTBY news offices downtown with the caption, "Redemption tomorrow!!!" 

At press time, all of Athens' social media had been deactivated.

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