Results for the April 17, 2021, Yup’ik and Iñupiaq Statewide spelling bees, held at Arctic Rec Center, Anchorage, Alaska:

Yup'ik spelling division:

  • 1st place: Maqaruaq Tieran Ignatius 6th grade, Nunam Iqua
  • 2nd place: Nacuk Wynonna Camille 7th grade, Nunam Iqua
  • 3rd place: Kaligtuq Natalie Mike 5th grade, Stebbins
2021 1st place speller

1st place speller Yup'ik speller Maqaruaq Tieran Ignatius, 6th grade from Nunam Iqua.

2021 Stebbins Team w/Coach

Stebbins team with coach, left to right: Becky Atchak, Naveah Tom, Ava Matthias, Natalie Mike.

2021 Nunam Iqua team

Nunam Iqua team and coach: Savannah Strongheart, coach, Maqaruaq Tieran Ignatius, 1st place 6th grade; Nacuk Wyonna Camille, 2nd place 7th grade; Tupan Kiera Johnson 8th grade

Iñupiaq spelling division:

  • 1st place: Kopeck Kaitlyn Alston 4th grade, Brevig Mission
  • 2nd place: Kimasuq Danielle Tocktoo 4th grade, Brevig Mission
  • 3rd place: Kinaviaq Kyla Fahey 4th grade, Brevig Mission
2021 Iñupiaq 1st Place Speller

Iñupiaq winner: Kopeck Kaitlyn Alston, 4th grade, Brevig Mission.

2021 Brevig Winners

Iñupiaq placement spellers, 4th grade, Brevig Mission from left to right: Kopeck Kaitlyn Alston, 1st place; Kimasuq Danielle Tocktoo, 2nd place; Kinaviaq Kyla Fahey, 3rd place.

Inupiaq Team and Coach.jpg

A photo of the Iñupiaq 4th grade team and coach from Brevig Mission, left to right, Angie Alston (coach), Kopeck Kaitlyn Alston, Kimasuq Danielle Tocktoo,  and Kinaviaq Kyla Fahey. Photo taken by Freda Dan.

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