The Alaska Federation of Natives today through a state court filing disputed the legality of Governor Mike Dunleavy’s decision to “sweep” funds from the Power Cost Equalization Fund, a program that keeps rural electricity costs on par with urban areas of the state.  AFN and other plaintiffs contend that PCE is protected from such budget maneuvers. 

“Affordable energy is essential to the survival of Alaska’s rural, Native communities, particularly as our families and individuals recover from the pandemic,” said Julie Kitka, AFN President. “We urge the court to confirm the PCE is not subject to a sweep and let our people continue with their lives.”


“It is also our hope that the governor and our congressional delegation will support major federal and state investment into Alaskan communities through affordable energy infrastructure. We must not be left behind in Alaska’s energy transition and the profound changes happening now,” Kitka said. 

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