Alaska Market and Events has agreed to terms with Dimond Center to host the ever-popular Anchorage Market. 

“Like many Anchorage Market vendors, Dimond Center is an Alaskan-owned family business that has been operating for decades,” said Hugh Ashlock, Dimond Center Holdings member. “Now more than ever, we are grateful to be in the position to help these fellow businesses and our local economy.” 

After concerns for the market’s future due to impacts caused by COVID-19, this new partnership between two local institutions benefits Alaska’s economy by allowing small businesses to continue operating and employing 1,000 Alaskans through full, part-time and seasonal positions. 

“We are thrilled to have the Anchorage Market at Dimond Center,” said Robert Dye, Chief Operating Officer of Dimond Center. “With our expansive parking lot, proximity to shopping and dining locations and accessibility from all parts of town, Dimond Center can only add further value to the already successful Anchorage Market.” 

Plans are already underway for the Anchorage Market’s summer debut at Dimond Center. Because of their more than 20 years’ history of hosting local markets and events, Dimond Center has been able to jump in to help planning without skipping a beat. Though the Anchorage Market has historically taken place on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer, the 2021 event will now extend its hours and operate from Friday to Sunday. Dimond Center’s large parking lot will provide ample space for vendors, free parking for patrons and a dedicated space for buses to accommodate out-of-state tourism. 

“Dimond Center is an ideal venue for the Anchorage Market,” said Mike Fox and MichelleVictory, co-organizers and owners of Alaska Market and Events. “We appreciate theircollaboration and are excited about the new partnership.” 

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