Allard cartoon

Cartoon by Holly Todd

By The Blue Alaskan

Eagle River assemblywoman Jamie Allard posted the name and screenshot of an email sent by a constituent to her personal Facebook page on Sunday, allegedly causing them to be harassed by online vigilantes, some of whom are associated with the Save Anchorage Facebook group.

After Allard posted the constituent’s name and email to her Facebook page, members of the “Save Anchorage” Facebook group made online waves as they attempted to locate the individual — going so far as to identify their employer in an apparent attempt to have Allard’s constituent fired from her job.

Once publicly available (now deleted or hidden) screenshots appear to show Allard’s attack dogs hunting for the constituent online, ultimately leading to the harassment of the constituent as they bombarded them with direct online messages. The original email sent to Allard reads:

”I reluctantly voted for you years ago because I believe in supporting women in politics. Unfortunately you’ve proven to be a complete waste of human space. Not only am I looking forward to voting you out in 2023, I’m part of a group of folks actively working and organizing to unseat you and replace you with someone who isn’t a constant embarrassment to the city of Eagle River.

With every nazi reference or every Karen style virtue signal you do on social media, reveals more of your true callousness to the city and people you are supposed to be helping. Soon your corporate sponsors and donors will start to retreat from your public stupidity. You will become a liability and no one will be defending you, not Dunleavy or even (Suzanne Downing at Must Read Alaska).

By the time your term is over, you will have fully exposed yourself as the ugly uneducated godless moron you really are, and I find that delicious. Try not to shoot yourself with your own gun, ma’am Sincerely, Fuck you.”

The alleged victim of the online harassment campaign sent me a statement about what they endured at the hands of the online vigilante group, culminating with the alleged victim “filing threat reports with the Anchorage Police Department,” as well as an explanation regarding her gun reference.

The constituent tells me that because they are not “friends” on Facebook with Allard:

”I couldn’t respond but could only watch as hundreds of people wrote horrible things about me, posted my personal info (online) and tagged/posted info to my places of employment. This resulted in a few messages coming in to my employer begging that I be canceled & fired over what I wrote. People from the Save Anchorage group are now harassing the small local Anchorage business I work for.

I received multiple threats, warnings and insults from Allard’s fans. Some even stated they were messaging & threatening me on Allard’s behalf. Telling me to ‘shut up & watch my back’ when I’m out in Anchorage, and that “God will sort me out.” Most told me I had no right to say those things to Allard.

I believe Assemblywoman Jamie Allard made a conscious choice to publish my name and letter in an attempt to intimidate me and make me a target for public outrage. By making this a public matter, she has directly impacted my livelihood and safety in a negative way. She pointed to a large group of similarly armed & like minded ‘patriot’ people in my general direction for nothing more than quick retribution, because I said some distasteful things in a private email that may have hurt her sensitive feelings.

Because of this and her alarming political beliefs, I genuinely want her to be safe with her firearm. Allard has made past comments about bringing her firearm to work and how the range was closed due to COVID-19 she was shooting elsewhere. She’s been seen in public with it open carrying. It’s going to be hard to find those comments now that she’s been deleting/hiding comments, posts from her Facebook pages.”

The constituent tells me they are actively working to unseat Allard when she comes up for reelection.

The Eagle River assemblywoman has been the subject of controversy this past weekend after pictures of Alaska license plates “3REICH, SS8888 and FUHRER” began circulating in local social media circles. The owner of at least one of the license plates is known, but their name has not yet been made public.

Some Alaska residents have claimed that the assemblywoman, who has endorsed Republican David Bronson for mayor, is a “Nazi sympathizer” after screenshots taken from the Must Read Alaska Facebook account appeared and circulated online.

In comments made to the Must Read Alaska Facebook page, Allard appeared to defend at least one of the license plates using the “freedom of speech” defense, and claimed that “progressives have put a spin on it and created their own definition” of the word.

The Anchorage assemblywoman also expressed concern that the “German word Danke will be outlawed as it sounds too close to Donkey.” Allard then asked everyone to, “Please leave the taco out of this!”

When asked what the “3” might signify when placed in front of the word “Reich,” the assemblywoman said, “Does it matter? Ban foreign words, good grief.”

In Germany, the law considers swastikas and SS sig runes the “symbols of anti-constitutional organizations” and displaying them publicly or selling goods that sport them is illegal. Nazi salutes and statements such as “Heil Hitler” are also banned in public.

Swastikas and other banned symbols can, however, be displayed in Germany if they are used for “civic education, countering anti-constitutional activities, art and science, research and education, the coverage of historic and current events, or similar purposes.” Posting a picture with a swastika in it or Nazi slogans on social media is illegal in Germany.

In 2017, two Chinese tourists visiting Germany were giving each other the stiff-armed “Heil Hitler” salute. The salute is illegal in Germany and punishable by up to three years in jail. The tourists were detained until they paid a fine of $1,200.00.

The response to Allard’s comments was quick and often harsh, with one social media user alleging that the assemblywoman was “either incredibly dishonest or embarrassingly ignorant.” Others wondered why she was “defending Nazis.”

One German woman wrote in response to Mrs. Allard on the Must Read Alaska Facebook page: “Please do not speak for us Germans. Any one of us looks at these license plates and recognizes Nazis. Sure those are normal German words, but everyone with two brain cells to rub together understands the connotation. By the way, this kind of crap is illegal in Germany and for good reason too.”

Allard seems to believe that the testimony at tonight’s assembly meeting will be “lively.”

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