JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Gov. Mike Dunleavy has vetoed the amount of this year’s oil wealth fund check paid to nearly every single Alaskan, which his office called a paltry amount.

The Legislature had proposed a Permanent Fund Dividend of about $1,100 in the budget but tied part of the funding to the constitutional budget reserve and another reserve that was subject to a three-quarter approval vote. However, that vote failed, leaving the dividend at $525, the lowest amount in years.

Dunleavy in a statement ahead of a Thursday news conference called it an “arbitrary PFD amount that doesn’t come close to assisting Alaskans who are still recovering from the pandemic.”

Dunleavy said the amount of the check is less than two days of expenses that nearly every lawmaker can collect during a special session

It’s anticipated the Legislature will take up the dividend again in a special session. Another special session was pending for August.

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