By Robin Banks

Join the frontwomen of rock-n-roll this Sunday, September 22nd for the Women of Rock Cabaret at Chilkoot Charlies. Organized by the Anchorage Cabaret the event will feature top female vocalists from local bands from Anchorage and across the state.

“The sheer vocal power of these singers is absolutely incredible,” said Lisa Willis, artistic director and co-founder of Anchorage Cabarets.

The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. and features nine established female performers that include: Kat Moore of Super Saturated Sugar Strings, Bekah Halat of Boogie Shoes, Megan Killoran of Nothin’ But Trouble, Regina Catherine MacDonald of Chill Factor, Meagan Hayes of Meagan Hayes and the Gamma Rays, Katie Strock of Ginger & Ale, Katie Chriest of the duo Katie and Tom, and Denise Baez, a local vocalist.

The women will begin the show by taking the stage and performing a cabaret-style group number, then perform as soloists for two individual numbers. The songs will represent top iconic female singer/songwriters spanning several decades of hits from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Heart, Pat Benatar, and Blondie, said Willis.

“In rehearsal they’re all just killing it,” she said. “I just love them, and I think that the biggest reason is these are women supporting women. Everybody is warm and engaging and the audience is going to feel it.”

According to Willis, the goal of the Anchorage Cabaret is to give emerging singers and musicians the opportunity to collaborate with established artists and gain experience performing in front of live audiences.

Willis, along with partner and co-founder Warren Weinstein, developed the concept of Women of Rock as they were looking for ways to provide an intimate evening of music along with the chance for the community to get to know local talent outside of staged productions.

“Inspired, we got to talking that there was not a lot of opportunity for people to get on stage and even less opportunity for people to sing with a live band,” said Willis. “So we thought, how we can provide more opportunities for people across the board?”

While the Women of Rock is just one of the themes planned and organized by the Anchorage Cabaret, this event is sure to make a huge impact, according to Willis.

“For me, as a producer, this project is important because I feel this need for strong feminine energy to be on stage and I can showcase that women are empowering,” she said.

Wills also shared that selecting an early evening Sunday event was intentional and is typical for Anchorage Cabaret shows.

“It’s a nice way for audience members to wind down and get jazzed for the upcoming week,” she said.

Among the performers for the evening, frontwoman, Megan Killoran from Nothin’ but Trouble, shared what she liked most about participating in the event. “I like that I get to step away from what I regularly do,” said Killoran. “This particular cabaret style as a show is just a new thing — it’s fabulous!”

Killoran, like many of her fellow frontwomen, admits that coming together as a female singing community is a truly rare occurrence.

“Bringing these powerhouse singers together is truly unheard of,” she said. “Because we’re all busy doing our own performances.”

The Women of Rock will conclude their evening with vocalists once again joining each other on stage to deliver a powerful and dynamic final performance.

“It’s all these women that are so strong you’re not going to see it again,” said Killoran. “It’s a one-time show that you just don’t want to miss.”

While the VIP section for the event sold out quickly there are plenty of individual tickets still available.

Visit to purchase tickets. Or visit Anchorage Cabarets or Women of Rock on Facebook for more information about the show and future events produced by the Anchorage Cabarets.

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