Pipeline Vocal Project

Pipeline Vocal Project 

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A baker, a vocal coach, and an administrative specialist all walk into a parking garage….

A little over two years after coming together for their first rehearsal, local acapella trio Pipeline Vocal Project is due to release their first EP, entitled Bronze, later this week. When Lisa Hawkins, Molly Dieni, and Adriana Latonio came together for their first rehearsal, yes, in a local parking garage, they were basically strangers. Lisa and Andriana had been students of the same vocal studio as children, but did not really ever talk and had not even been friends -- and neither of them knew Molly before she answered their call on social media, looking for a bass vocalist to join their ensemble. Since then they have survived a pandemic together, gone viral on TikTok, been named The Press’s Best New Band pick for 2020, and become inseparable friends. 

Since most of the group’s career thus far has been amidst said pandemic, PVP has mostly had to hone their skills in online social spaces that provided opportunities to grow in a much different way than they expected. “We’ve been able to use the time we weren’t able to perform to our advantage. We honed our skills as individuals, [grown] our online presence, learned so much (and are still learning) [...]”, remarked alto/bass vocalist, Molly Dieni. “We [also] got a ton closer as a group, as that was our quarantine bubble.” They have also been able to offer cool things like their Tunesday song-bite videos, and personalized song-telegrams, the first of which has been a great way for the audience to stay engaged, and the second, an incredible way for fans to connect with one another while not being able to in person.

Having kept up with them throughout the pandemic and recently seen them perform at The Nave (formerly Church of Love) in Spenard, during this year’s Spenard Jazz Fest, this writer can tell you that they lack for nothing when it comes to live performance. In fact, they thrive in it.

Live, PVP performances are high-energy, interactive, and intimate. While the interactive nature is lost on the EP, the energy and intimacy are cranked up to max. Despite what one might expect, Bronze not only captures, but delivers much the same experience.  Since every bit of their sound is acapella, being able to hear clearly is of the utmost importance. 

The EP delivers big time in that regard as well. In fact, every harmony, every beat, and every word are crisp and powerful in a way that would be near-impossible to achieve in a live performance. But with a bit of post-production magic, the live-sound element is not entirely lost. Not to be the bad guy, but you just have to experience it to know what I mean.

So why Bronze?

As Lisa Hawkins, the group’s manager, alto, and vocal percussionist explained it, “We chose to go with Bronze (for the title of the EP) because we see so much more growth ahead of us. We feel that we are just getting started and Bronze simultaneously feels like we are putting ourselves on the map and yet having so much further to go to get everything we wanted out of this.” Listen closely and you will catch Adriana expressing a similar sentiment right on the album itself, “PVP is in the house, and we’re just getting started.”

If you want to keep up with them and be amongst the first to hear the new album, make sure to go to pipelinevocalproject.com, and Follow them on Facebook, Instagram (@pipelinevocalproject), Twitter (@pipelinevoxproj), YouTube, and of course TikTok (@pipelinevocalproject). ‘Bronze’ will be released exclusively on their website, this coming Saturday, June 10th. To celebrate, they will be performing for free that night, from 6-8 PM at Fire Island Bakery’s South Anchorage location. 


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