By John Christensen

Last week this article broke with its usual form and spoke instead on what we as musicians, fans, and friends could do to still support our Alaska independent music scene in times of social isolation. There was no live music to talk about. Thankfully that has now changed. No, the “hunker down” order has not been lifted. All is not about to go back to normal. But if, like me, you have been missing your Alaskana over the last week, here are some opportunities to catch some local music, support some local artists, and “see” some friends.

Kat Moore

Kat Moore is taking her weekly Wednesday “Unplugged” concert series to the digital-realm, thus changing her series to “Plug-in (Your Computer)”. COVID-19 won’t stop Kat from bringing people together with her engaging story-telling, vivid lyrics, and passionate musical talents. Kat will begin the livestream around 6:30pm AKT, via the Forest Never Sleeps page on Facebook. Audience members are encouraged to order food from Charlou so that when they all sit down, in the safety of their own homes, they can share even more in this communal experience, and support both local music and a local business.

and Many More!

Over the last week musicians across the country have been streaming live shows from their studios, living-rooms, and front porches across the country. Alaska is no exception. Whitney Youngman, Emily Anderson, Andrew Erickson, Pepper Kit, Jocelyn Stanley, Nick Carpenter and Alex Cruver are just a handful of the local musicians streaming their talents into our lives from wherever they may be.

Some are streaming to make up for lost gigs, and try to keep themselves financially afloat in this difficult time, while others stream to raise money for charities that are supporting recovery efforts and research into COVID-19, while still others stream simply to share some music into the lives of those around them. Whatever the case may be, they are some of those keeping Alaska music alive and in the world at this time. Others will follow, that is sure to be. As fans, you too can do your part. If you watch a free live-stream, ask the performer if they have a PayPal or Venmo, and send them a few dollars. Buy that album, t-shirt, or coozie that you have been eyeing for a while now. Stream local music on Apple Music or Spotify. Just because we are physically distanced from one another does not mean we are cut-off. Alaskans know a thing or two about communicating and relating and gathering over vast distances. Let us find ways to do that even now.

There is bound to be more on the way. Stay tuned!

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