Emma Hill

Emma Hill

By John Christensen

As we come into another week of distancing and isolation, this week’s Northern LIVE Forecast will again broaden its scope, this time to include an event that breaks out of the confines of music. In these weird and difficult times, ALL forms of virtual collaboration and art deserve to get their moment in the spotlight. But first, a bit of music.

Emma Hill LIVE on Facebook

Having graced stages across our great state, Juneau’s own Emma Hill is taking her talents (again) to the virtual stage. This coming Saturday from 5:30-6:30 p.m., tune in to her Facebook page (Emma Hill Music), for an hour-long livestream of songs and stories. Emma’s music is good, honest Alaskan to-the-core folk music, so if you need a bit of honesty mixed with your comfort, this is the one for you. Tuning in to the show is free, but dropping a few (or more than a few) dollars in the virtual tip jar is not only appreciated, but encouraged.

Poetry Writing Workshop at the Virtual Writer’s Block

Though it is not the usual content for this column, anything that encourages artistic endeavors, supports local business, and fits with current distancing regulations is good content worth sharing! This week that comes in the form of an evening of Poetry Writing at what is being called The Virtual Writer’s Block, hosted by the physical Writer’s Block, right here in Spenard, Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Led by local poet and teacher, Rebekah Hayden, and Teeka Ballas, of The Writer’s Block, the group will meet in a virtual space to gather together. The event will focus on Mindfulness Poetry. While the event is again free of charge, participants are encouraged to donate however they can. Questions about how to support these locals and to sign up for the event in advance, email info@writersblockak.com.

And more on the way!

I write this knowing that tonight (Tuesday, April 14th), just hours after I write this, the mayor will speak at the Assembly meeting as city leaders decide how much longer to continue hunker down requirements.

By the time you read this, you will know more about where we as Alaskans stand, going forward in the face of COVID-19. What I CAN say right now is that, whatever the case may be, there WILL be more on the way. Whether that comes in the form of weeks and months more of virtual shows (and festivals?) or we see some far-off horizon on which we gather together again in fields, bars, and venues across our great state, we are in this together.

If you are an artist, grab your phone, set up a PayPal account, get on Facebook and play some music.

If you are a fan, go stream your favorite artist, buy their merch, or just send them a bit of love. We are Alaskana together, and we will overcome, come whatever may.

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