To be honest, when I first started writing for the Press, I was at a loss for subject material. I have never had any experience in journalism, and wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to pull it off.

Around the same time, I noticed an insurgence in local hip hop promotion. Sadly, it seemed more like one person using all these other artists for self-promotion. Long story short, it was less about the music, and more about an individual's brand name. That shit didn't sit well with me. For how hard it is to gain fans in a state so vastly separated like Alaska, the last thing these artists need is for their biggest promoters to be in it just for themselves Our hip hop community is not only large, but very tight-knit, so many of these artists intertwine and collaborate. These collaborations have resulted in some solid releases. Tak Havoc and Darius Dossman's "Millennial" release is one example. Let's not skip over DJ Allegiance, a local producer who has recently linked with quite the "smorgasbord" of local talent to release a series of EPs too crisp to pass up (I would highly suggest looking up his release with Madd Angler entitled "Occupations"). Collaborations should be an all encompassing benefit for those involved. When you get power hungry people caught in the mix, it can discourage these type of connections.

This is why I am so thankful for my opportunity here at the Press. I not only am blessed with the opportunity to report in my own voice, but I am also allotted the freedom to promote the artists I find deserving of promotion. It allows these artist to have a voice in the matter, and to reach a crowd that might not necessarily discover them on their own.

With that said, let's get on with the subject at hand. The artist’s name is DoubleDose, and the project is his new EP entitled "Scarlet Fever". It can be found on iTunes, with a Spotify release date just around the corner. DoubleDose has always stood out to me in the local hip hop scene for a few reasons. One, he is high-energy, with a hint of melody in his cadence adding a depth that blends well into his choice of production. I reached out to Dose for a little clarification on the project’s chronology.

We spoke once about this theme you've been working on. I know that ‘Scarlet Fever’ is supposed to be the first in that series. Do you mind going into a more definitive description for the audience?

DD: Actually Indigo Fever was the start. I guess I wanted to embody what the dark winters FEEL like. Indigo represents the northern lights blend. Represents the arctic cold. I felt like Indigo Fever made sense of the "sickness of winter."

But Scarlet Fever was blood fueled. Being a father, angry, competitive,understanding loyalty, passionate and still trying to figure shit out. Life’s a rush, man, so it just represents the "sickness of truth." This series is where I can really be honest about how I’m feeling and energies I’m really trying to drive across… may not be for everybody but those are some personal tracks to myself that helps clear the brain.

Gon' Go’ has a haunting quality to the chorus, and is admittedly my favorite on the So. Now that we've gotten that out of the way. Which track would you say represents the album best?

DD: Man, to be honest, I guess I would say ‘Gon Go.’ It’s so hard to choose sometimes. They all derive such an emotion for me. The feedback I have gotten is similar. Everyone has a different record that are their favorites. It makes me step back and have to be proud of the whole body of work. I just wanted people to FEEL.. that’s all, and i believe people do.

Who can we accredit the production end of the album to?

DD: I worked with a compilation of some of my favorites — Yondo Beats, Gunnadahitman, J. Knight. J Cardenas. Between those 4 they helped mold.

What's next on the burner?

DD: I have my favorite project to date coming out, all tracks produced by the now Infamous DJ Allegiance. The Album is called "AudioDope". I’m super excited about this joint, man... I don’t think we have heard this sound before. I also have another project I’m lookin’ to drop before the start of 2019, which is another 3rd installment of "The Fever" series. Be on the lookout for that one also.

Any tokens of wisdom for the young suns?

DD: Man just be you. We are in an age of following other people’s lives and admiring their dreams — fuck that! Create your own legacy; be someone others enjoy to watch and believe in. I’m so off-the-grid sometimes, but a lot of that has to do with time to myself and understanding my own life experiences, and that’s OK. Be yourself and be authentic. It seems cliche to say sometimes but I feel it’s something at some point, or even in your current position, that as people we go through. Work hard, believe in yourself. and go get it. Boom.

You can find DoubleDose's release on both itunes and ON IT.


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