Akimi - Treefort Music Fest

By Cody Herron-Webb

Alaskan Music.

What do you think of when you hear those two words together?

Your favorite local band may spring to mind, but for people outside of the state, it is the drum and dance performances of our indigenous peoples. Others may think of famous folk artists like Hobo Jim or the hit song “Alaska” by East coast singer, Maggie Rogers. Truth be told, our music scene is as diverse as our weather. So what does Alaskan Music sound like?

That very question is being tackled by the non-profit called AKIMI (Alaska Independent Musicians Initiative). This organization is made up of people from around the state working to “Develop, brand, and export Alaskan music.” They believe in future in which Alaska is an international hub of northern music, arts, and culture. Composed of musicians, venue owners, promoters, journalists (like myself), and more, each member works together to grow the music industry for the benefit of all.

In order to help grow our music scene, AKIMI does everything from hosting music showcases and networking events to working with industry partners to help build the link between music, tourism, and economic opportunities in Alaska. Their most recent collaboration will see five Alaskan bands traveling down to perform at the hugely popular Treefort Festival in Boise.

Airport Strangers, Anne B Good, Marian Call, Sundog, and Ursa Miner will be representing Alaska during a the four-day music and art festival attended by tens of thousands of people. Appearing at Treefort will not only help these bands by introducing them to new fans but will also encourage other bands to come visit Alaska. In addition to building fan bases, it will also allow these artists to meet with booking agents from Idaho and other states. This opportunity be perfect for SunDog, a band already bursting at the seams of the Anchorage music scene.

This weekend, Van’s Dive Bar will be packed as SunDog plays a show to fundraise for their upcoming trip. Not only is it chance to wish good luck the psychedelic garage-rock power trio, but it will also be the chance to celebrate the release of their newest single; “BIAM.” (New single & music video drops on Friday 3/13, then the AKIMI fundraising show is on Saturday 3/14 at 9 p.m.)

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