Oliver West is a singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, currently based in Münster, Germany. Before moving to Europe, West played in various Anchorage bands (Presque Vu, Tiltback). In 2016 West self-produced and released his debut album “Barn Burning” using nothing but an iPad and three instruments. He earned acclaim in Germany by playing on the streets with a unique mix of acoustic percussive and finger style, bringing the sounds of many instruments out of one guitar, which attracted the attention of local musicians, dance troupes, and visual artists with whom he worked throughout 2017 at various festivals and art events. He also garnered attention in Anchorage playing unplugged midnight sets for passersby in a large tunnel at Elderberry Park. Parallel to being on tour in Europe throughout most of 2017 and 2018, West has recorded and will soon release his second album, “Weather Me.” The “Weather Me.” tour marks West’s return to his musical homeland.

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