Three years ago, Jonathan Heynen made his debut performance as a singer-songwriter on KTVA’s Daybreak. After hearing his first single, ‘Paint Me In,’ KTVA anchor Megan Mazurek quizzically asked who wrote the song. With an awkward laugh, Heynen explained that it was an original. Still in disbelief, Mazurek insisted she had heard the song somewhere before — “maybe it was on the radio or on a TV show. I can’t remember but it’s so familiar.”

To Mazurek’s surprise, it was truly the first time she had heard the song. But she wasn’t wrong in feeling a sense of familiarity with Heynen’s music. Drawing comparisons to songs by indie superstars Amos Lee and Bon Iver, ‘Paint Me In’ is every bit the classic love song that one would expect to hear on their albums.

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