Anyone who has driven down the Seward Highway recently may have noticed a brand-new business taking hold of the lone structure right as you enter Indian. The spot, previously occupied by restaurant and coffeehouse Froth & Forage, a renowned eatery, is now the home of a new gastric delight. Although Froth & Forage carved a niche for itself and garnered praise for serving up an elevated dining experience, a sudden and unfortunate closure in 2019 left the building awaiting a new tenant.

Birch & Alder has since taken root and arrived with a similar pedigree based solely on the credentials of chef and owner Reuben Gerber — he previously worked as chef de cuisine at Crow’s Nest along with a short tenure at Jack Sprat. Now partnered with his wife Christina, the dynamic duo finds themselves pursuing an ideal that most people could only wish for — the perfect amalgamation of work and family life. Ultimately, the pandemic tipped them over the edge and gave them the final push they needed to start this next chapter.


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