Between the perpetual daylight and scores of fireweed blooming all over town, there are many telltale signs that summertime in Alaska is in full swing. But what resonates with me the most is seeing hot dog carts cropping up downtown, each hoping to allure passersby with the irresistible smell of seared meats and caramelized onions. And as for tourists, there's the novelty in sampling our state's signature reindeer dogs, which one ought to know, are only partly composed of Santa's preferred method of transport thanks to the lower fat content.

With so many streetside options, how does one decide which vendor to go with? Of course, pricing and accessibility matter, but International House of Hotdogs (IHOH) opts for a kitchen sink approach by featuring 14 types of hot dogs — each with its own locale-inspired topping combinations. It's befitting of their name, with options ranging from the classic New Yorker — a polish dog topped with sauerkraut, diced onions, and spicy brown mustard—to a few that are more involved, like their Sonoran dog: a bacon-wrapped polish topped with fresh and sauteed onions, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and salsa verde.

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