Ask any local where to find the best pizza in town, and you're likely to hear Moose's Tooth — resting high on a lofty pedestal, leaving all other pizza joints in their wake. But for all the restaurant's accomplishments and irrefutable legacy, has anybody thought to challenge the notion that they still serve the best pizza in town? After all, plenty of competition has sprung up over the years for their shot at the top.

A lot goes into making a great restaurant, but what really matters to me is the quality of the food itself. And while there's much to admire about Moose's Tooth's California-style 'zas with an abundance of creative toppings, I, for one, have observed that their pizzas generally leave a lot to be desired. Specifically, I'm referring to their paltry sauce coverage and oft pale, flaccid crusts. Surely, there must be somewhere in town capable of rising to the platonic ideal of a perfect pie.


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