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49th State Brewing Company.

Do you have your ducks in a row? If you do, it means you’re prepared for one of the activities aligned with 49th State Brewing Company’s 907 Day. This event celebrates the fact that we’re Alaskans and proud of it. 907 is our area code, after all, and I’ve seen all manner of pride associated with this unique identifier.

Cars have bumper stickers and license plates featuring the number. My son – who’s a displaced Alaskan living in Colorado Springs right now and as head brewer for Elizabeth Brewing Company — has a tattoo featuring his pride for his home state. And yes, there are T-Shirts and all manner of bling associated with this pride.

49th State Brewing Company is a downtown Anchorage icon and is actually the second of 49th State’s operations with the forerunning brewpub being a hibernator up in Healy on the Parks Highway, 13 miles north of Denali Village.

When 49th State bought the former Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewing Company in what was originally the Elks Lodge on 3rd Street, a breath of fresh, sweet Alaska air swept through the downtown corridor and breathed new life and a ton of vitality in this corner of our city. No one has to be told that 49th State Brewing Company loves Alaska and Alaskans; you can feel it when you walk in or deal with any of the astute, attentive servers, sample the top notch, Alaska-inspired food or drink some of our state’s best and representative beers. It’s no surprise that 49th State celebrates September 7, or 9-07 in a big way.

907 Day spans across Saturday, September 7, from 11 a.m. to Sunday, September 8, when the brewpub closes.

49th State created a beer called 907 lager celebrating our pride. 907 Frontier Style Lager is uniquely Alaskan interpretation of the lager style of beer. Expect a crisp, amber, delicately hopped but snappy fall sipper weighing in at a quaffable 5.3 percent alcohol by volume beer. The malt-forwardness with this beer is delightful in the clean, lager presentation. Poke around and smell and taste the light roast and biscuit elements and a clean, slightly dry finish.

During the celebration, grab a 907 Frontier Style Lager for $9.07 and keep the stein. Better yet, pair it with a 49th State Brewing Company Cheeseburger, also for $9.07. For less than $20, you can enjoy a great beer and get a hell of a deal on a hell of a meal at the same time. Show off your Alaska driver’s license or other Alaska ID card and get 25% off the brewpub’s gift shop merchandise.

An ancillary event is the 2019 Great Alaska Duck Race between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm at the Ship Creek Overlook. Ms. Fermento’s already bought a number of the $10 ducks – souvenir yellow “muckys” which is the Alaskan version of a rubber duckie, but with moose antlers for the first 4,000 of the 8,000 tickets sold. We’re bringing our grandchildren to this family-oriented event, the proceeds of which will benefit youth sports, educational programs in our schools and downtown Anchorage projects.

First prize for the event presented by 49th State Brewing Company and the Anchorage Downtown Community Council is $3,000, Second Prize is $2,000 and Third Prize is $1,000. Go to excelalaska.org/rsvp for more information (including information on an event on the APU Campus) on how it all works and where to get your mucks. The 2019 Great Alaska Duck Race has a facebook page with links to ticket purchases.

907 Day is going to be a big one for me. I’ll be at 49th State Brewing Company on Saturday with my family in tow. Us adults will order a 907 Lager for a morning quaffer, and I’ll be tossing back at least one 907 Cheeseburger. From there we’ll hike down the hill to the duck race, then it’s back up the hill for more festivities at the brewpub. Somewhere along the line, I’ll send the grandkids packing and make sure I have my ducks in a row for the festivities in the theater starting just after six.

907 Day at 49th State Brewing Company is the perfect event to celebrate not only being Alaskan, but the slow close to a long, hot, smoky summer. The smoke from the fires have subsided and the bugs are following the tourists out, leaving the downtown corridor to locals like you and me.

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