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It's certifiably, undeniably, outside beer-drinkin' weather. I'm almost afraid to feature it, lest I jinx this incredible weather pattern. I'm worried Ma Nature is in the background, waiting to come back with a watery vengeance. This is vexing, especially when I have one of my best beer-drinking buddies about to fly to Alaska for his annual escape from even hotter weather in Arizona.

First, the formalities. It's a no-brainer that although every Alaskan relishes periods of extended dry, warm weather, we need rain in southcentral Alaska, and we need it bad. The fire danger is incredible, and much is at risk during an almost historic drought in our area. Of little consequence to anyone else, another favorite beer drinking location for me is in the woods, with friends, around a campfire, at night. No chance of that with the burn ban, and if something doesn't change between now and next week, my heat refugee from outside is going to be doubly disappointed.

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