As we observe the changing of seasons — although, to be fair, we kind of skipped summer — I naturally find myself craving food that's warm and spicy to function as a figurative blanket of sorts. Thanks to the proliferation of restaurants serving Indian and Nepalese cuisine these days, options are aplenty for diners like me who find comfort within the depths of a fiery curry imbued with invigorating and medicinal spices.

Before I go any further, here is a quick primer on Indian cuisine as we know it in the States. Firstly, most Indian dishes served in the West, such as chicken tikka, tandoori naan, and samosas, hail from North India and are associated with Mughlai or Punjabi cuisine. However, one should be aware that India comprises several different regions, each with its own cuisine that is as distinct and varied as the people who inhabit the vast country.

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