Service Industry Update

There is no set date for when things will return to normal. Businesses continue to shift and adapt to the changing mandates and get by as best they can. As of the time of this writing, bars still do not have a set date that they will reopen but restaurants are making the best of outdoor seating, delivery, and to-go options.

When the shut-down first occurred, one of the options that became available was for brewpubs and others to offer the delivery of beer and wine, and curbside sales of those products. For many this was a great incentive, but others weren’t interested in drinking, just in the food that they could get. Many lunch and restaurant businesses became popular spots for people to grab food, but what about the other locations that offer more than just burgers, pizzas, and large entrees?

We are taught from a very young age that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The restaurants that are serving this early day grub also some of the most delicious. Moose a’la mode downtown on 4th and K was purchased by the owners of Tiki Pete’s food cart. The items that made that mobile destination a hot spot have found their way onto the menu at the Moose, but they also offer a delicious breakfast menu that should be looked into. You could even grab a salad or sandwich for lunch, a cup of coffee, and some gourmet cupcakes for when you need a sweet treat. A one stop shop when you have to work downtown is a great advantage when you have to spend all day in an office.

Another downtown location that is always a great start to any morning is Biscuit Club located in the back of the blue 4th Avenue Marketplace mall on 4th and C street. Haleena Hanson bought the business, formerly Biscuit Betties, and made some changes to the menu. If you haven’t been you should stop by. Focusing mainly on some of the best Biscuits and Gravy dishes found anywhere the menu is themed with the music that motivates and inspires Hanson and her crew. The mic drop biscuits are made fresh and the service is fast. By the time Jen or Darcy gets done making your coffee your food will probably be ready. There is a patio option for those looking to relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, or they can wrap your food to go. Be sure to also visit when they are allowed to offer indoor seating as it is the only location in town where you and friends can sing a round of karaoke while dining for breakfast or lunch.

Jackie’s Place restaurant on Spenard is offering their full menu to-go and so you can still get the healthy breakfasts made with real ingredients such as the omelets or waffles piled high with berries and a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Kava’s Pancake house on Muldoon has not only to-go and delivery but also a drive-thru option for pick-up orders, making it a fantastic location for those most interested in social distancing. Huge portions for a great price are another thing that make Kava’s a destination for those looking for a delicious value. A $9 Loco Moco special will keep you full all day long and even if you are not awake at 7am when they open, the breakfast menu is available at any time.

There is a large portion of Alaskan’s that do not wake up early, and for these folk’s late-night offerings are what they are searching for. Alleyway Grille on Fireweed road has temporarily reduced their hours while we all wait to hear what the next move will be in emergency orders but stop by for dinner sometime and figure out your favorite menu items. Ever since this eatery opened it has been focused on providing delicious food late into the night. Items like the poutine, Rueben and cheesesteak egg rolls, and the handmade specialty milkshakes keep the regulars coming back. For a late breakfast or early lunch, the 11 am opening time is perfect, and the entrees and sandwiches are large portions that you will quickly become a fan of.

The Long Branch Saloon on southside has been thought of as just a bar by many but whenever the discussion about who has the best burgers in town starts, the Long Branch is at the top of a lot of lists. The craveable items are available until late at night, and with a small patio you should make a stop in and see everything the Long Branch has to offer.

The restaurant industry is trying it’s hardest to survive all of the changes that are happening.

The employees of these establishments have been laid off or had their hours severely cut. Remember to bring a mask and tip appropriately. We are all hoping to make it through this pandemic and get back to the way it used to be. We miss you just as much as you miss us. Let’s all be kind and follow the rules so that we can get through this together.

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