I'll confess that I'm not the kind of guy who goes to sports bars because I'm not that into sports. I also tend to avoid restaurants that have the telltale signs of a tourist trap because, let's face it, the food is presumed to be average at best. At the same time, the service can leave much to be desired. Bear Paw Bar & Grill — which just opened a new location at the former Hard Rock Café — fits squarely into both these categories. The lively atmosphere, proximity to nearby hotels, and as much kitschy Alaskana décor you could squeeze into one building before you start looking like a sporting goods store are all proudly on display.

Still, these types of restaurants play a meaningful role in the economy and fill a void for travelers looking for food without having to filter through dozens of search results on Yelp. And with Bear Paw, they must be doing something right if they've got the means to open another location. So, why not give them a fair shake?

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