It’s no secret that people love F Street Station. Some may tout its status as one of the oldest bars in Anchorage to be the main draw. There’s also the mystique and infamy surrounding their cheddar cheese block along with the allure of their French dip special served only on Fridays. Its rampant popularity correlates with the fact that it’s no small task to find a seat at peak hours as you’re forced to wade through a sea of humans on any given night.

It’s enough to rattle your COVID-conscious brain, but the world seems to be in a better place now as far as the pandemic is concerned, prompting me to dine here with my brother this past week—he’s what you might call a regular, which is weird to say about anyone classified as a millennial. I, on the other hand, can’t remember eating anything here outside of their French dip, which everyone already knows to be a bona fide classic. And so for this occasion, I thought I’d take a dive and see if F Street is truly a trove for seafood lovers as I’ve heard.


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