There is a reason that I am the one that writes this column. I have been a professional in the bar industry in Anchorage since the day I turned 21. I actually served a legal drink before I consumed a legal drink. This has been an industry that has been part of my life for all of my formative years. Mad Myrna’s shares a clientele with all of the best of the downtown hot spots and has a few other things in common with some of them, especially staff. Darcy Kniefel has bartended there and recently moved from her previous position at Midnight Sun Brewing Company to take up residency at Humpy’s, Misha Daniels splits her time between Darwin’s Theory and the gay club, and this author used to make Myrna’s his home but now finds himself spending all of his time at the Avenue Bar, a location that has been a drinking establishment for over 100 years. This is an industry that is very transitional, and sometimes that can be a positive for the clientele.

Nathan Luna is one of the newer bartenders at Mad Myrna’s, the iconic club right outside downtown Anchorage. The popular drag and dance nightclub has been an institution ever since Jeff Wood aka Mad Myrna LaChoy, the infamous drag queen, opened its doors in the fall of 1998. With the neighborhood bar feel that many clubs have during the week, and the party bar atmosphere on the weekends, these types of locations are basically a boot camp for those in the service industry. You can’t rely simply on skill; you also need a personality that makes clientele want to come visit on the slow nights.

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