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The mimosa at Snow City Cafe

Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that may be true due to you getting a healthy start to your day. However, there is an argument that the most important meal of the week is brunch, given that not only does it feed your body, but it is usually enjoyed with a group of friends or loved ones, and so you feed your soul as well. For the past 22 years there has been one restaurant that has been at the top of local’s favorites lists for breakfast and brunch. Snow City Café consistently delivers not only a great meal, but is known as a supporter of the Anchorage community in sports, social issues, and art. 

With all of the shut-downs, hunker-downs, and rest periods that the restaurant industry has had to deal with, Snow City has been rolling with all of it and making changes to keep their customers and staff safe. There are new plexiglass partitions, as well as more spacing between booths for dine in customers. For the sake of keeping everyone’s contact information it can be done on your cell phone for convenience. Another new feature is being able to pay from your phone with the MobileBytes app. With this app it reduces the need to give your credit or cash to your server in an effort for your meal to involve less touching. To-Go meals can be picked up from outside the café so that you do not even have to go inside. The location has always prioritized staff wearing gloves when preparing food, so the addition of masks for everyone coincided with that practice. During the warmer months they even set up tables on the sidewalks around the block.

For many people when it comes to brunch it boils down to certain menu items. Eggs Benedict is a popular choice and Snow City has several on their menu to choose from. From a classic version to one inspired by Eggs Florentine, you can also choose to be more adventurous and try out this favorite dish with crab cakes, smoked salmon, or even a country inspired version with sausage gravy. There are other brunch classics on the menu like Quiche Lorraine, Nuevo Huveos, or a Fried Egg Sandwich. You could also be healthy with an item like Oatmeal or a Yogurt and Granola Parfait. 

For some people brunch is not complete without a morning cocktail. While Snow City cannot offer hard liquor, it has what is arguably the cocktail of choice for a successful brunch. The Mimosa; a mixture of sparkling wine and citrus juice. While the true story of the creation of this well-known libation could be lost in time there are some stories as to where it has its origins. Some say that the American version is merely a version of the Buck’s Fizz from 1921 at the Buck’s Club in London. The main difference between this drink and the standard of the International Bartending Associations standard for a Mimosa is the ratio of juice to bubbly wine. There is even a story the famed Director Alfred Hitchcock invented the cocktail in San Francisco in the 1940’s. 

No matter the truth behind the creation the debate usually centers around how much juice to add to it. That problem is solved when you order the popular drink from Snow City Café. There are two versions available after 10am each day, the Snow City Mimosa and the Snow City Royale. The Royale takes the classic and flips it by removing the Odwalla orange juice and using POM Pomegranate juice and floating raspberries. Both are available as a single with a champagne split, or you can share with friends by ordering these drinks as a Buddy Pass. This new serving size includes a standard 750ml bottle of Lunetta Prosecco in a wine chiller with a carafe of juice and garnishes. 

If you are not interested in taking it to this level the café also has a good selection of beer, wine, and ciders including local selections from breweries like Bear Paw, Kenai Brewing, and Midnight Sun as well as AK Ciderworks and Double Shovel Cider Co. 

If you choose not to imbibe while out to brunch with friends, the downtown hotspot also offers a wide selection of beverages to satisfy the designated drivers and the under 21 crowd. Check out the coffee bar for a menu full of hot and cold drinks that are themed with the seasons and even decorated according to upcoming holidays!

Snow City Café has been part of the downtown brunch scene for a long time, and as we move into the new world of what it means to be a restaurant or to dine in one, they continue to provide the type of food that feeds body and soul. Brunch is the type of meal that can do the same. When you are in the need for it check out why Snow City has been serving it “Sunny side up since 1998!” 

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