With as many Filipinos that reside in Anchorage, the number of restaurants serving Filipino cuisine is surprisingly few. There might be several reasons for this. But my experience is that many nanaystitas, and lolas are adept in the kitchen, eliminating the need to drag the entire family out for what could ultimately be seen as an inferior version of home cooking. While there may be some truth to this belief, not everyone has ready access to the wonders of this increasingly renowned cuisine, which features more than enough protein to satisfy the carnivore in all of us.

Chief among the places where you can get a taste of Pinoy cuisine in Anchorage is Jeepney Filipino Fusion Food, which started as a food truck years ago and has since established three locations across town. It occurred to me that I can't recall sampling their food, which makes sense, what with me being married into a Filipino family and all.

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