Forrest Dunbar for Mayor Campaign Files Complaint Alleging

Over $170,000 in Campaign Finance Violations from Dave Bronson

Anchorage - The Forrest Dunbar for Mayor campaign today filed a multi-part APOC complaint against opponent Dave Bronson. The complaint raises allegations of sloppy and inaccurate accounting, deliberate obfuscation of campaign activity, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions. 

Most concerningly: 2 weeks ago the Bronson campaign ran an ad that cited the results of three different polls conducted in recent months. However, the Bronson campaign has reported zero dollars in polling activity in any of their APOC reports. The Recall Rivera IE group has reported a polling expenditure to one of the polling firms cited in Bronson's ad (Recall Rivera to WPA Intel), but we can find no record of any of the 3 polls Bronson cited as being published. It seems likely that Bronson may have accidentally incriminated his campaign as having received tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions through the backdoor network that connects the Recall Rivera campaign and the dark-money Save Anchorage group.

The full complaint is available via email attachment on request. Key components of the complaint include: 

  • $1,400 in contributions above the maximum limit from 5 different individuals.

  • Failure to properly report approximately $18,000 in debt to radio stations, with some disclosures overdue by more than 4 months. 

  • $2,665.63 in improper contributions towards fundraising venue fees and event catering across 9 separate donations.

  • $104,185 in campaign “marketing” expenditures laundered through political consultants, with the actual advertising expenses and targets hidden from the public.

  • Hundreds of dollars in unreported Facebook advertising, with indications that a much larger amount of digital advertising may have been underreported. 

  • The under-the-table polling contributions explained above. 

All told, Bronson's campaign has over $170,000 in non-compliant financial activity across more than 20 problematic donations and expenditures. 

Paula DeLaiarro, the Dunbar campaign Treasurer, has filed compliant APOC reports for 40 campaigns over 5 election cycles, and had this to say about Bronson's APOC issues: “In all my years reviewing APOC reports, I have never seen a candidate campaign at this level with this volume nor this frequency of violations and obfuscated data. Bronson's approach to his campaign finances indicates either a gross fiscal incompetence or a willful disregard for the law and an intent to deceive the public. But my biggest concern is that the issues we have cited are just the tip of the iceberg. I am worried that there is an enormous amount of illegal dark money activity happening below the surface that we cannot see.” 

Forrest Dunbar has represented East Anchorage on the Anchorage Assembly since 2016. Over 1,700 individual donors and volunteers, labor unions like the Alaska AFL-CIO, organizations like The Alaska Center, legislators, and community leaders have joined together in support of Dunbar’s campaign. For more information, visit:

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