Peter Porco

Peter Porco

For how much longer will Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski give President Trump a free ride? When will she make a full break with him? 

Sen. Murkowski knows that Trump holds the U.S. military — said to be the one institution that  enjoys the favor and respect of the vast majority of Americans — in contempt. She has  observed his lack of interest in their sacrifices, in the concept of duty under which they serve,  in the very idea of service to country. That a man or women could elevate their nation and its  safekeeping above their own personal interest is completely alien to Trump. He considers such  people weaklings, chumps who don’t play to win at all times and at all costs. He has insulted  commanding officers, our troops, and those American soldiers who lost their lives fighting in  their country’s wars, fighting (at least in the ideal) so the nation and the democratic values it  stands for might survive. But such values only disgust Donald Trump because they have  nothing to do with him and may actually undermine him. That which has value for Trump is  what’s best for Trump, and for his family, his cronies, and the billionaire class. Yet Sen.  Murkowski is silent or, if you hear anything from her (“it’s not appropriate”), it’s as tepid as  bathwater and of no conviction. 

We learned last week that Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, and the Dept. of Justice that Barr leads are to take up the defense of the president in a purely personal matter. In other  words, public (taxpayer) money to be spent trying to save Trump’s ass. The case involves a  woman who last year accused Trump of raping her in the mid-1990s, well before he was  president, and who then sued him for defamation when he publicly denied knowing her. Since  when does the Justice Dept. serve as the president’s personal legal team? If Alaska’s senior  senator can’t see how this move by Trump and Barr is deeply contrary to American notions of  equal justice under the law and of no one person above the law, if she can’t see how it goes  against the legal foundations of the nation, she should not hold public office and should resign. 

We learned last week that Trump lied to us Americans in the early weeks of the pandemic when he said the coronavirus was nothing to be worried about. Whereas he knew very well,  had been thoroughly warned, that the virus was a serious threat to our national security, not to  mention to the economy and our health. With this knowledge in hand, Trump nevertheless did  nothing of any consequence to lessen the virus’s impact nor did he convey a sharply focused,  galvanizing message to the country about the need to mount a strong and united defense  against it. Sen. Murkowski has witnessed, as we all have, the many ways this man has brought  our country low morally, damaged its security internationally, and through incompetence and  deliberate malfeasance weakened government institutions necessary for the smooth  functioning and protection of a nation of 330 million people. The senator and those who still  support her should ask themselves this: Was the green-lighting of ANWR oil development  worth all that? 

Sen. Murkowski — with regard to the man who happens to occupy the office of the presidency  — you need to make a final break with him. We want to hear it loud and clear. 


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