Let us not forget that while she was in Alaska Tshibaka violated "our" laws left and right (pun intended).

While Commissioner of Administration and as the ultimate authority overseeing State procurement, Tshibaka commandeered the procurement system to make specific illegal procurement purchases and contracts aimed at furthering her personally created and managed AAPEX Project. This project was specifically aimed at allowing Tshibaka to quickly consolidate, centralize, co-locate, privatize, and take credit for massive (unproven) cost reductions for as many Department of Administration functions as possible before launching her campaign to win election as the Alaska Senator replacing Lisa Murkowski.

Here's a bulleted list of her reprehensible acts and violations of law while using the office of Commissioner of Administration to build her "curriculum vitae" to prepare for her run at Murkowski.

Bullet 01: Attempted to corrupt the then Chief Procurement Officer with tenure and salary reduction threats.

Bullet 02: Alvarez & Marsal contract - Awarded a 5 million dollar contract to her favored bidder based on illegally restrictive requirements that she later admitted in writing were never expected to be utilized in the performance of the contract.  

Bullet 03: Microsoft contract - awarded a $15 million dollar no-bid contract to Microsoft based on an underlying contract which had expired and which her staff admitted they could not produce a copy of. In other words, the underlying contract does not exist, making the Microsoft contract illegal.

Bullet 04: AAPEX project - issued multiple contracts which violated procurement laws.

Bullet 05: New CPO Salary - hired a new out-of-state Chief Procurement Officer at a salary that would require more than 20 years of State of Alaska government service to achieve. This after threatening the previous Chief Procurement Officer (who had more than a decade of service in the position) with a severe "start at the lowest level" salary reduction were he to re-apply for appointment to the position.

Bullet 06: Tandem Motion contract - violated laws to award this contract to a favored bidder; required letters of recommendation as a bidding requirement;  personally provided her own letter of recommendation for her favored bidder; solicited similar letters from other Commissioners and subordinates; sat on the evaluation committee populated by her direct subordinates; awarded the contract without allowing competitors the lawfully required opportunity to contest award and win the contract.

Bullet 07: Bucket of funds for no-bid contracts - created a $3 million dollar bucket of Cares Act funds to allow the funding of multiple no-bid contracts to those she wished.

Bullet 08: Cares Act set aside - hijacked $50 million dollars of Cares Act funding so she could monetize and resurrect her AAPEX project and speed up results before beginning her run for the Senate; used the money to close State offices and then issue contracts for the same services to private parties offering the services at increased costs to the public.


Bullet 09: Ordered the illegal destruction of potentially incriminating public records.

Bullet 10: Privatization of DMV - Closed multiple DMV State offices and contracted the functions to "friends and families" who had supported the Dunleavy Administration, and who subsequently raised the prices to the public.

Bullet 11: Public Relations contract - issued a contract to a favored bidder and violated procurement statutes on giving notice of award to the competing bidder, denying the legal rights of the losing bidder to contest the award and win the contract.

Bullet 12: She departed State service immediately after her $80,000 moving expense payback period expired.

And that’s not all…

Yes, she took Alaskans as fools, knowingly refused to follow our laws, and used our government and money unfaithfully in order to build up a corrupt foundation of “achievements” so she could put herself up as a candidate for the United States Senate while claiming to be a true Alaskan. 

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