Libby Bakalar

They were told. Repeatedly.

They were told I was an invaluable employee and a top-performing attorney, and that it would be a big, BIG mistake to unconstitutionally fire me. They didn’t listen. It took me six months, but now, they will feel the wrath of my words and my influence and my activism indefinitely.

They could have had me there, working quietly and diligently to defend their shitty policies to the best of my abilities within the bounds of the constitution. But because they violated the constitution immediately upon taking office and continue to, I will joyfully use my substantial and highly effective platform and all of the intellectual and educational privileges available to me to call out their egregious malfeasance every single fucking day of this disastrous administration.

At first I was devastated. I was ashamed. I missed my job and my colleagues. I wanted my job back. Now I know they got rid of me becauseI am not a yes-woman and was not about to perform legal gymnastics with our democratic institutions in service of their sadistic, unconstitutional bullshit. I could never work for them in a million years.

So yeah. It took six months and I still wish I had their health insurance, but I would happily go into medical bankruptcy if it meant I could play even a small part in yanking the state back from the wildly unpopular and extremely dangerous course they have us on.

Their sadism is unreal and sociopathic. They WANT people to suffer. They WANT to see people hurt. They WANT to damage our constitutional democracy and drive out arts and intellect so that all that’s left of Alaska is a smash-and-grab resource colony. They WANT to punish the sick, the poor, and the elderly for being poor, sick, and old.

And oh wait...they still haven’t gotten us our big fat PFD.

So let me be clear: I worked in government for over 12 years, and I am not afraid of you amateur hour shitgoblins. I did not come to play with you trifling hos. If you come for me, you’d better come correct.

Unlike you, I actually know how to use social media and I have good, longstanding relationships with almost every reporter in the state. I don’t care about your job or your money and you have zero leverage over me. If you so much as lift a finger to retaliate against other state employees for “resisting” your cockamamie ineptitude I will put you on blast like the Fourth of July.

I may have lived my adult life in Alaska but I was born and raised in NYC and you should not have squared up with this bitch.

Libby Bakalar is a Juneau attorney and writer of the blog ‘One Hot Mess’

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