Lawrence Mosqueda PhD

As Trump descends into a world where he may actually believe that he has won the election (in which case he may not actually be “lying” but is living a world of self-delusion), it has become very apparent that he is a danger to not only the republic but also an existential danger to humanity.  Much has been written about how Trump is a threat to “democracy” and that we only have 17 days (or so, depending on when this is read) until Inauguration Day, January 20, to be rid of Trump.  But what if the “new normal” keeps escalating to more Trump inspired domestic violence and despotism? 

All ten former Secretaries of Defense have warned of a possible military coup in the United States.  As author Susan Glasser has stated, “The very worrisome question is why all 10 living former Secretaries of Defense, including Esper and Matiss, chose to speak out now.  What is the scenario they are worried about?” When these individuals tell Trump not to involve the military in election disputes, one must realize that there is immense danger afoot.  They are not writing an abstract academic position paper but providing a warning.  When Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld become the relative “voices of reason” one must take it seriously. Trump’s recent recorded phone call to Georgia’s election officials is another “smoking gun” illustrating his disdain for the concept of democracy. 

Just as importantly, if not more so, if Trump is allowed to finish his term without resistance, he will continue to hold the power of Commander in Chief where he can start a war on a whim or a lie.  As of this date, we are still being told that Iran is a military threat to the US and that we could go to war with Iran soon.  See the articles below that are just samples of the information coming out that the US, under Trump, may be getting ready to go to war soon. 

There is tremendous disconnect between many finally calling out Trump’s domestic lies and yet taking at face value that Iran is the threat to the US in Iran’s own region of the world.  If the US were to attack Iran in the next two and one-half weeks, I am sure that there would be what sounds like a plausible reason, just as there were with the lies about the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam (1964), the Bay of Pigs in Cuba (1961), the Mayaguez incident in Cambodia (1975), the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq (2003), and numerous other events where the facts come out years later, after thousands (and in some cases millions) of people have died.

What can be done?  We can wait until January 20 and hope and assume that everything will turn out alright.  However, the history of the past four years does not give hope to the illusion that Trump will behave like a sane human being.  The short article below by Paul Campos in New York Magazine illustrates how the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, especially at this late date, can remove Trump from office and give the American People a chance to struggle another day.  

The American people should pressure Vice President Pence and Congress to exercise their power NOW and stop this madness.  This is important for what passes for “Domestic Tranquility,” and to stop the true madness of another war that has the capacity to spin totally out of control.


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