By Jessica Cherry

A churning Gulf low pulled Arctic air into its moist Pacific vapor and made a Hallmark-worthy white Christmas. Skiers squealed. Dogs pranced like reindeer. Weather forecasters high-fived, their duty done. With austerity’s minimal road maintenance, conjuring the climate of yesteryear cost a few dozen car accidents and missed holiday dinners. Better take the sleigh to Grandmother’s house. Our own car suffered a hit-and-ran at Fred Meyer, while I was inside buying milk. Most cosmic forces are agnostic. We failed to prevent through ritual and belief the end-of-year entropy of smashing particles, smashing people, relentless consumption. Time compressed, while my will to resist grew sluggish and deadened. Better to lie in front of the primeval fireplace and rebuild for the coming year. We’ll need all of the strength we have.

Jessica Cherry, PhD is a scientist, writer, and commercial pilot living in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

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