Hello, I am very worried about my relationship with my new girlfriend. I am a 34 year old man that is dating a 32 year old girl. Recently she has started to share some of her fantasies with me. She wants me to degrade her while she gives me head. I am very satisfied with our sex life. My fear is that she will want more after this. The words she wants me to call her are against my nature. She wants me to to call her a “dirty cum slut and a cock sucking whore.” This actually goes against my feminist nature and I want to respect her wishes while also respecting her. Can you help?

Okay. We adore you for having your ideals. You are having issues with you relationship because you really care about your partner and that is adorable. Here is what we would like to discuss about your letter. 

OMFG. DEGRADATION IS SO HOT!!!!! But seriously. If your girl is into it, you should do it. But we would like to offer some options that make it better for everyone. First, your partner gave some pretty specific words that she wants to be called. In our experience the people that want to be degraded usually ask for specific words because they are looking to be called things that they know they are not. It’s a fantasy bud. Why do you have a problem giving a woman what they are asking for? Maybe you aren’t actually a femininst? 

Hi Alaskans. My sexuality is in turmoil right now. I don’t know what I identify as and I want it to be more clear. Here is the thing, I am not sure about my sexuality because of my turn ons. I know that if I were to be in a relationship it would be a female, but when I watch porn I only want to watch guys having sex. I only enjoy putting my penis into women, but I also know that I really want to give oral sex to guys. I am not sure how I feel about men going down on me. Am I gay? Am I bi? I don’t know exactly who I am. 

Oh poodle. You don’t have to define it. You are allowed to be whatever you want and that shit is fluid. You aren’t anything. You are exploring. Evolving is a valid answer. 

In this spirit we are going to do some quick answers because it’s the holidays and we are about over humanity. 

How common is head shaving in BDSM?

Very.  Find a kink conference and get into it. It’s hot. 

I tasted my cum and didn’t like it. Do others like it? 

You tasted your own cum? That’s hot; Wanna date? Honestly though. Good on you. We love it. Did you not?

Anyone ever been on a Sybian? For the readers that don’t know, a sybian is basically a guaranteed orgasm. It’s not in the right position for gay men usually but super hot for ladies!!! 

Why don’t guys understand vaginas? — The Patriarchy

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