Green Tara


Pineapple Express

16.61% THC

2.59% Terpenes

Parallel 64 is becoming one of those cultivators that elicits a Pavlovian response. I know it’s going to be really good weed and seems I’m not the only one feeling this way. This week, while at my local weed shop, the budtender suggested I try their new strains. A quick sniff test revealed his advice to be spot on.


While I can’t tell you which specific terpenes are in Pineapple Express — as they aren’t listed individually, but rather lumped into a whole (as seems to be the trend these days) — I can tell you that it’s fragrant and flavorful and you’ll likely be happy if you give it a try.


This is a Sativa-dominant strain. For me, it produced an energetic experience. Once again, let’s pay attention to the THC numbers here. We’re not looking at a high THC strain, with it’s simple 16.61%. To overlook Pineapple Express simply based on that number would be complete foolishness. This is a fantastic herb with the kind of flavor and feeling that has me wanting more.


The buds were perfectly trimmed and cured, something I take notice of every time. Parallel 64 has their game going strong in the presentation department. Well done, folks.


I found myself to be incredibly productive after smoking this strain in my bong. I was able to dive into creative writing projects with clarity and enthusiasm. It seemed like as soon as I smoked it the words would start circling my mind and I’d have to sit down and punch them out on the keyboard. This was wonderful for me, as sometimes taking those first few steps into creative work can be the absolute hardest.


I also found it helpful for my meditation practice. I seemed to be able to access quiet spaces in my mind that allowed me to tap into my higher self, connecting to my breath and keeping focused with my mantra. I highly recommend meditating with weed if you’re not already doing so, and Pineapple Express just might be a great strain to start.


16.20% THC



I bought White Rhino with a purpose. It’s an Indica dominant strain, which for me equals pain relief. The body high I tend to experience from the Indica dominant strains can be tricky for me when it comes to day time use, as they tend to relax me quite a bit. Relaxation was what I was seeking this time though, as I’ve been experiencing some not so fun feelings in my left hip, I believe as a result of carrying my 6 year old son around (which is ridiculous for me to do, but I can’t help it because I’m keenly aware that these days are numbered, as he’s growing like a fireweed and it appears, after this hip pain, that the day has finally arrived — I can no longer carry my baby on my hip. Le sigh).


So, pain relief was what I was after and that’s just what I got, hallelujah! The coolest part though was that I wasn’t sedated. Yes, there was that indica body high but it didn’t slow me down at all. In fact, right after smoking a bowl in my bong I was inspired to hit my yoga mat and dive into my flow practice. Half way in I felt a nice pop in my spine and relief of pressure that brought a huge smile to my face. At the end of the practice, as I hit the floor I was able to roll out my hip with ease, releasing that bound up fascia and bringing much needed relief to that fierce case of mama hip I’ve given myself.


White Rhino is definitely a strain you may want to consider keeping around for your medicine bag. The flavor is divine, with  buds that are keeping to the standard I’ve come to expect from Parallel 64, which is to say well trimmed and cured.


For me, I noticed some rather quick hitting analgesic properties, feeling the effects particularly strong in my nervous system. I felt calm and relaxed, yet as I mentioned previously, activated. White Rhino, friends. Just do it.



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