Aubry Okayama

Unless you’ve been living in a bomb shelter somewhere, tirelessly preparing for the new world order, you may have noticed a lot of people on social media upset about government overreach.

Perhaps at some point, like myself, you had it in your mind that in the vice of oppression you’d stand tall and refuse to bend the knee to a tyrannical overlord; that when some maniacal villain came to stake their claim on your land you’d fearlessly call your neighbors to arms and unite under the Stars and Stripes as one nation! With LIBERTY! And JUSTICE! For ALL!

But things are a bit more complicated than they were in 1776. Misinformation is spreading just as quickly as science and we don’t just have one overlord, we have thousands, whose authorities are layered and knit together like the nightmarish intricate webs of Australian spiders during a mass ballooning event (Google it. You’ll never sleep with your mouth open again.)

A lot of unprecedented things are happening in 2020 and just as humans always do when frightened, we are trying to make sense of things. 

We are wasting no time coming up with fantastic explanations as to who exactly is doing this to us and why. “The government wants control.” I’m sorry, what?! Since when is the government NOT in control? Did I miss out on a year that I didn’t have to plug my special number, assigned at birth, into an official form so the government could then give me back money that I overpaid them while being an employed citizen? Did I senselessly give a copy of my birth records to an employer verifying that I am legally able to labor away at a job that pays the government from every paycheck I earn?

A lot of things in the world have changed, but the grip of power our government holds on us has not. This modern concept that the government exists to work for us is both privileged and delusional.

Since before the dawn of civilization, governing bodies have existed to control the masses. And they stay in power by convincing us that we are happier that way. Humanity’s first leaders were the strongest and smartest of the tribe and kept order with their strength and knowledge. The first people felt protected under the first leaders. 

A few cognitive upgrades down the path of evolution and we were ruled by religious leaders, touting the words of our deities to keep us in line. They kept us satisfied by ensuring us that the current state of affairs was “the will of [the] god(s)” Cue serfdom to the stage and we became slaves to the economic machine.

Life wasn’t perfect as social stratification grew, but it was certainly better than having your unprotected farms raided. Perhaps some of this is beginning to sound a little familiar.

Nothing about the government wanting to control us as a population is new or strange. What is both new and strange, however, is the way in which some of us have theorized the methods in which we are being controlled, becoming allies to the thankless governing body that controls us, and defending the government’s overreaches, all while calling for rebellion against the oppressive overlords.

If that didn’t make any sense to you then you probably get my point.

America is rampant with popularized conspiracy theories that even the conspiracy theorists can’t seem to make sense of, much less explain, and I’m just as confused as everyone else trying to keep up.

It is confounding to me that so many people think the government is controlling us with face mask mandates without being able to explain what the government or government officials would benefit from all of us wearing them, and yet nobody is talking about how the government is openly meeting to discuss how they can literally control us by withholding our own tax dollars to force us back into economy-stimulating labor while it’s so unsafe for us to go back to work that they literally shut down the businesses we work at.

It’s also weird that people are out there shaming those collecting the unemployment they paid into themselves in the years that they had jobs, while many people collecting unemployment would actually get more benefits (and insurance) by collecting public assistance instead, but choose not to because they have no desire to actually “live off the system.”

It is alarming to me that the federal government is so comfortable with their control over us that they’re out in the Portland streets, not giving a single fuck about the constitution, while they justify committing WAR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS with the destruction of property.

And again, the supposed freedom-lovers are silent about government control.

But those masks, man — that’s definitely what’s destroying the health of our citizens, the future of our economy, and our American way of life.

But, in fact, it’s just one item on the docket that affects these conspiracy theorist types directly. So where are the real freedom fighters? Where are the libertarians when secret police make unlawful arrests? Where are the Second Amendment people when the federal government turns its sights on American citizens? Where are the All Lives Matter people when there are children locked in cages on U.S. soil?

They’re at home. They’re at home having their location and browser history tracked on Facebook before they go to bed so they can get up early and clock in at a job that reports to the IRS so they can be tracked financially while paying into an unemployment fund they’d be a hypocrite for having to collect on if their place of employment were ever shut down during a pandemic. They’re home posting about microchips no government even needs to keep tabs on us, and facemasks nobody needs us in to control us.

I see you. I understand that it is easier to make excuses than to find solutions. I understand that it can be difficult to navigate which causes are righteous in a time with so much mixed information. And I understand that it’s hard to admit that in the face of adversity, you simply aren’t as brave or noble as you thought you would be.

I see you. We see you. And maybe someday soon, you’ll see yourself.

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