Like so many others who have been laid off because of the pandemic, I have picked some bad habits, during my involuntary sabbatical. I have put on about 20 pounds, my bedtime is non-existent, and I spend way too much time on social media. 

During one of these social media expeditions, I happened to come across a post from Assembly member Jamie Allard. Allard can be seen standing with mayoral candidate Dave Bronson at Jackie’s Place, a local restaurant. This of course was part of a “Day of Reckoning.” The reckoning being a day that local restaurants broke health mandates, which have been successful in turning the tide against COVID-19. I’m not sure how tipping the wait staff poorly and putting the community in danger classifies as a ‘reckoning.’ If anything, those who have capitalized on the chaos and crisis caused by COVID-19, used this reckoning to satisfy their own personal ego, political ambitions, and entitlement. Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard has been the loudest of all these hate-filled mouthpieces. She does a great disservice to the municipality. From fighting the capacity limits in the Assembly chambers and stoking mob mentality against other Assembly members, and Ethan Berkowitz, that covered the gamut of inappropriate, from homophobic to anti-Semitic.

Allard has played a pivotal role in the creation of a confederacy of hate in Anchorage. She alongside her fellow confederates have poisoned the discourse within the municipality. Her confederacy has targeted homeless and working-class people. She has attacked the municipality when the Assembly started the process of purchasing buildings to assist homeless residents and those struggling with substance misuse. She has attacked a gift card program that would help residents purchase food. 

Will she attack Suzanne Dowling for taking $50,000.00 in socialist handouts or Kriner’s Diner, for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in freedom destroying government bailouts? She has made Anchorage a worse place to live. She is everything that is wrong with this city and with this country. Allard resides within the same vein as those who do not return their shopping carts, do not tip their waiters and if she ever heard the Carly Simon song, ‘You’re so Vain’, she probably thought the song was about her.

I must admit that the pandemic has desensitized me to the selfishness and self-centered Americans that only think about themselves; those who think slight discomforts and inconveniences amount to the same degree of oppression that marginalized groups deal with every day. However, when an elected official such as Allard is publicly undermining health mandates and encourages others to put the community in danger, something must be done. I do not understand why the Assembly has not taken any action to officially censure or rebuke her. 

While I have many criticisms of the Assembly, Allard has done more to damage the integrity and legitimacy of the Assembly than any political decision it has made. Allard has bullied the Assembly and it is working. The Assembly is most likely limited to certain responses, but those actions must be taken. My sincere hope is that someone in her district (regardless of political affiliation) who has the capacity to think about others, challenges and unseats her, or perhaps Allard can do us all a favor and resign, though, that would require that she think about other people and not just herself.

Some will feign outrage that I attack someone like Allard, a veteran, who in her own words has stated, “I have put on my combat boots to defend democracy.” 

Well, I also have a pair of combat boots and I feel compelled to put them on to defend Anchorage against Allard’s confederacy of hate. Allard is what we call in the Army, a “blue falcon.”  For those who defend her I have no sympathy. If you are too naive and conceited to realize that they are being grifted, then I suggest you make another donation to Trump’s legal defense fund.

Assembly member Allard is a waste of space on the Assembly. She provides no substance, and is using the position to satisfy her own personal ambitions and greed. She is the local embodiment of those who cannot acknowledge their privilege and entitlement. Along with so many others in this city, Allard is leading the charge against justice and equality. 

One of the lessons I learned in the military was teamwork and putting my comrades before myself. Clearly, Allard missed that briefing. Residents of Anchorage should not adopt a policy of appeasement and Allard must be called to task for her conduct.

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