James A. Haught

Maybe 2020 is a turning point - one that won't be clearly visible until the future.  Maybe it marks the end of the four-decade epoch when the white evangelical "religious right" had enough power to tip American elections to the GOP.

White evangelicals fought fiercely for Republicans this year.  They gave about 80 percent of their votes to President Trump and strongly favored conservatives in state elections.  These born-again fundamentalists have shrunk to only 15  percent of America's population, but they're so politically intense that they were 28 percent of voters who went to the polls. Undoubtedly, they tipped some marginal states to the GOP, causing early Democratic consternation on election night. But they couldn't swing the whole nation.  And maybe - with the relentless decline of religion - they never can do so again.  Let us hope.

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