Carl S. Cannon

Ignorance and confidence are a poisonous combination. A lack of compassion and empathy added to those qualities make for a deadly reality. These traits have taken over America in 2020 as they have seethed and billowed from our White House, Senate and many hard right authoritarian cultist leaders and their followers for nearly four years.

It's happening across the nation, making us constantly worse, constantly weaker, constantly sicker, constantly angrier.

The anti-science, anti-education, anti-media propaganda being pushed by our so-called leaders has led so many citizens astray and filled them with doubt on the most basic of facts and even the very foundation of reality itself.

Good people have bought in, ignoring their own eyes, ears and heart, making them doubt their own belief in truth. And strangely enough they have also grown a strange confidence in their own self-proclaimed doubt and ignorance on virtually every topic.

Anything this hate-filled, sociopath rapist pedophile mob boss tells them is all they believe, as they fall prey to a constant parade of lies and conquer and divide strategy that does nothing to make their lives better, as they support an administration that is actively dismantling the very foundation of this once great democratic republic.

All the rules and laws are ignored as he and his crime syndicate chisel away at our ethics, our decency, our compassion and our unity.

The global pandemic, which most of the world has been able to tackle already, is exploding in this country with no end in sight, without any honest attempt to tackle the challenge by this administration in any serious way, pretending it will just go away.

It has been treated with ignorance and confidence like a political problem instead of the health problem it is. The science of understanding it has been hijacked by propaganda and fear, making reasonable people go insane trying to understand how they should proceed on any given day. This divide and conquer has turned wearing a mask into a debate on liberty, while millions of people get this virus, 150,000 people and growing are dead, including my own mother. I may have this miserable goddamn virus, as I wait days upon days to receive a test result.

This pandemic has slaughtered many beautiful souls, and from what I have learned has far reaching health impacts on tens of thousands of good and healthy people, who struggle to regain their baseline health back, sometimes weeks and months after they initially get sick.

This virus and our asinine response to it has shuttered everything we care about. Restaurants. Weddings. Family gatherings. Funerals. Sports. Concerts. Movie Theaters. Plays. Bars. Schools. Shopping. Houses of Worship. Our jobs. Our livelihoods. It has made us prisoners in our home for most of an entire year with absolutely no end in sight.

And our dear leader doesn't care. He has done nothing to fix this. He makes it worse.

All the meanwhile he obsessively and constantly verbally assaults and lashes out at his critics, silences and destroys his own allies at any attempt at criticism. His narcissism demands pure, unflinching loyalty from everyone, from his own abused, dead soul children, wife and cabinet, to the sick and dying from the virus he does nothing about. He only cares for himself and he chuckles at his stupid followers for thinking otherwise. He loves no one, not even himself and his deep hatred for humanity extends to his own cult followers, who don't even realize he hates them too.

Praising and embracing support from dictators in countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and North Korea and any non-state actor while degrading and abandoning our allies and even our troops overseas and our veterans at home, he has now hired an unnamed private army that are not bound by their oath to the Constitution, because they are corporate contractors, and quite possibly foreign actors, (no one would know since we can't even see their faces behind the gas masks they wear) to invade my city, the nation's capital and many other cities across the nation.

This administration has effectively installed martial law in America.

Night after night these masked unmarked soldiers violently assault, gas and maim black Americans, mothers, veterans, women, children or men alike and kidnap citizens protesting the very activity they are escalating, as these mad dog soldiers ignore and abandon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There is a dehumanizing agenda at work to treat human beings as insects.

They operate with total immunity from the law and have no one to hold them accountable for the war crimes they commit night after night. They ignore local and city government, thus shattering the 10th amendment, their attacks on citizens, an attack on the 1st amendment, their unprovoked kidnapping of citizens an assault on the 4th amendment, and from reports of how these kidnapped citizens are treated, they are breaking the 8th amendment. Since we don't know who they are or where they are being housed, they could be breaking the 3rd amendment. That's half of the Bill of Rights shredded every single day of this militarized gestapo occupation.

These actions are cheered on by the less educated, the racist, the closet authoritarians all over social media, who don't realize that same force will eventually be turned on them, and when it does, it will be too late and their bedroom arsenal will not save them from what comes next.

All the meanwhile, our planet grows more inhabitable, as the crime syndicate fleeces our wealth, balloons our debt, dismantles environmental protections and healthcare, splitting this nation in half to attack each other so we don't unify and turn our attention on them. Their sole purpose is ultimate power, as this crime syndicate threatens the very existence of humanity.

There are solutions to all of these problems, but I fear we may be too far down a path we will not change. First up, we must - MUST - vote like our lives depend on it. Not just in this election, but ALL of them. That's how we got in this mess in the first place. We got too comfortable. Apathetic.

I see hope in the brave citizens who are in the streets standing up against this treacherous oppression, but that is not enough. In order to fix a car, you can't smash the windows. You must lift the hood. The real work it will take is not as sexy or exciting as a street protest. It is a long, boring game of getting inside the system.

Running for office. Voting always. Passing laws. Firing the leaders who do not serve us. Learning the system to use it for good. Education on how the American government works. Knowing the 3 branches and how to pass a law. Knowing the difference between the House and Senate. Knowing your local elected officials, from the mayors to the city council. Going to the meetings. Making your voice heard and your face known. Taking part in civic life in all the ways possible. Putting in the good work. Start local. Think global.

America has a powerful government and structure but it is only as powerful as we choose to make it. If we don't use it, it will be used by the wrong people for the wrong reasons, like we have now. That has been happening for far too long. The corruption has taken over, the rust is eating it from the inside out.

We have to go in there and clean it out. The US Government is only as effective as those who run it. Our founders, while flawed, believed that WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for what happens to us.

WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for our destiny.

I am madder than I ever have been and sickened more than I ever have been, but I refuse to let that anger and sickness destroy me and this country. Anger serves a purpose, but don't let it serve as a guide. I am constantly working to change things from within, which starts with me. The journey of a thousand steps starts with one step. And I have been on the journey for awhile. I meditate. I depolarize. I breathe. I learn. I speak. I write.

My most powerful weapon is my voice, my words. The pen is mightier than the sword, right? I have hopefully used my words to inspire and enlighten. As much as I want to, I cannot march in the streets right now. I hope at some point I can. But I can always write and I can always learn and share that wisdom. This is my role. That can be your role too.

I hope that there are enough of us who see this same hope and together we will change this darkness back to light.

Be kind. Be well. Be strong and never give up.

We can't let these motherfuckers win.

If we do, we are finished.

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