Athens Escort mistaken ID text

A Twitter user going by the name Angelbbx2, made public and damning allegations on Twitter against her own mother as well as Anchorage journalist Maria Athens, all the while defending Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

The Twitter account, purporting to be the daughter of a woman recently interviewed by Maria Athens about her local cookie business, says that she once kept the company of men in Anchorage working as a non-sexual escort.

After seeing social media posts and video from Ms. Athens, the daughter messaged her mother in an apparent attempt to stop the fake news story.

The wild 24 hours that embroiled Anchorage Mayor Berkowitz led to Anchorage Police Department saying Saturday that they were aware of the allegations against the mayor and that a joint investigation with the FBI revealed no evidence of criminal conduct.

I present this from someone who has publicly posted this information on Social Media and have provided the link below as its source. Please take it as such.

In her own words, the former escort says,

So for a bit of back story, I was an escort in Alaska in 2018. I would get paid to go on dates with men or to keep them company (I never did anything sexual or was paid for sexual favors) 

She was obviously still very upset at the idea of her 18 year old daughter escorting. She started asking me questions about who I would work with, and all I told her was that my favorite person I worked with was a man that worked for the state of Alaska.

All I told her about this man was that he worked for the state of Alaska, and that he was short. That’s IT, okay? I didn’t say any names, nothing.

Fast forward to 2020, my mother owns a cookie business that’s doing somewhat successful, and a local news station asked my mom if she would like to do a story about it. My mom said yes and went to the interview.

The interviewer was Maria Athens, who (according to my mother) asked her about what my mom thought about the local anchorage Mayor, Ethan Berkowitz. 

My mom asked if he was short. After learning he was short, my mom decided that Ethan Berkowitz was the one I was an escort for.

She went off on a whole story about how I was an escort for Mr. Berkowitz, that he hired me for sexual favors, sent me pictures, etc. because she was receiving attention for what she was saying, and she wanted her five seconds of fame.

I was NOT and escort for Ethan Berkowitz, I don’t know that man and I have NEVER met him. He has never sent me naked pictures or posted any on any of my websites, I have no idea who that man is. Maria Athens is running a fake story in attempts to ruin this mans life.

Also apparently last night she was arrested and that’s why she wasn’t on air❤️

This article originally appeared on The Blue Alaskan. Reprinted with permission.

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