Pence fly cartoon

Sad news today as I've learned that "Fly" has succumbed to the Coronavirus.

Fly was well known around the world for making an appearance at the Vice-Presidential debate last evening, encouraging Americans around the world to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Fly began his short life in the garbage bin of a snack-room where he grew to be big and strong by eating Cheetos crumbs.

He later became involved in U.S. politics and campaigned steadfastly for Joe Biden for over two minutes on the scalp of Mike Pence, never once wavering in support of the Democratic candidate for President.

Cheeto nutrition couldn't sustain his life, however, after coming into contact with Pence, who lives at the location of a still-on-going Coronavirus super-spreader event in Washington D.C.

Seen and cheered around the world, the BBC said, "VP debate 2020: Kamala Harris v Mike Pence outshone by fly."

Elon Musk, who had promised one million fly-sized ventilators by the end of the month to save the fly, seemed saddened by the news saying, "Mars."

Fly is survived by his wife Melanie, and 53 still developing maggots. Funeral services will be held in private as not to contribute further to the spread of the virus.

This article originally appeared on The Blue Alaskan. Reprinted with permission.

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