Mike Coons

Mike Coons

Alaska Democrats who have been looking for a candidate for the U.S. Senate apparently have finally found one in Elvi Gray-Jackson, state senator from Anchorage. The state Democratic Party has been drawing attention to her, calling her “solid” and “decisive” as she reportedly considers entering the 2022 race. But even a quick review of her record reveals that she would align with Joe Biden, who lost Alaska to Donald Trump by ten points, and with national Democrats because of her positions on spending, abortion, guns, and law enforcement policies.

In short, Gray-Jackson’s views are too left of center for a majority of Alaskans.

Six months before the 2020 presidential election, Gray-Jackson was a featured speaker in a virtual town hall hosted by Alaskans for Biden. Also on the roster of prominent Biden supporters was Deb Haaland, then a congresswoman from New Mexico, who has gone on to become President Biden’s Secretary of the Interior. Haaland has been Biden’s point person in his relentless attacks on Alaska’s energy industries and has sided with environmentalists at every turn. There can be no doubt that if she were elected to the Senate, Gray-Jackson would be a staunch ally of Biden’s, which is something that Alaska cannot afford.

Her record matches up perfectly to the national Democrats’ liberal policy agenda and places her outside of what most Alaskans believe.

If she were elected to the U.S. Senate, Gray-Jackson would add to Democrat numbers in the Senate and make it more likely that Biden’s outrageous priorities would prevail. This includes massive new spending, more assaults on fossil fuels, and an expansion of liberal welfare programs.

In September of this year, Gray-Jackson co-sponsored legislation that would increase taxes on Alaska employers and oil producers.

At a time when it’s clear that liberals want to eliminate the energy industries which provide Alaskans with thousands of well-paying jobs, she wants to continue to heap on the abuse and make it more expensive for companies to do business.

In 2018, Gray-Jackson was endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, a political arm of the abortion provider, for “fostering and preserving a social and political climate” that allows for abortions. Accepting the support of Planned Parenthood, which advocates for abortion up to the moment of birth, puts Gray-Jackson at odds with Alaska values.

We are a state that greatly values our freedom and individualism, including those Constitutional rights protected by the 2nd Amendment. The legal possession of firearms is ingrained in Alaska’s identity, as we are naturally self-sufficient, and we value this right both for hunting and to protect ourselves and our families. But again, Gray-Jackson sees it a different way, and is not a friend to Alaska gun owners.

“I don’t have a gun. I’m terrified of guns,” she said in an interview with podcast City Council Chronicles.

And law-abiding Alaska gun owners should be terrified of her as well.

Gray-Jackson has also bought into the movement among national Democrats that undermines police officers and makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs. Among the bills she has proposed in the state legislature are a number that target police.

One bill requires officers to issue a verbal warning before they discharge their firearm, which is a ludicrous proposition for police officers who may be in a position where their own lives are in jeopardy or where they must defend the life of another citizen. Another forbids police officers from shooting at vehicles, which is another wrong-headed limitation, because violent criminals would then know that seeking refuge in a car would give them added protection.

It’s understandable that Alaska Democrats are eager to find a candidate to enter the 2022 race for the U.S. Senate, given that the incumbent, Lisa Murkowski, is historically vulnerable. And if they want one who fits the Joe Biden mold and is in line with everything that Washington, D.C.

Democrats stand for, they may have found someone. But the truth is, Elvi Gray-Jackson is too liberal for Alaska.

Mike Coons is a resident of Palmer.

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